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hurricane Dennis

hurricane Emily

Hurricane Katrina

hurricane Cindy

hurricane Irene

hurricane Wilma

hurricane Phillipe

hurricane Rita

hurricane Ophelia

hurricane Nate

Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Stan

Hurricane Vince

Hurricane Beta

Hurricane Epsilon

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Q: What are the names of the 15 hurricanes in 2005?
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What are the names of two hurricanes that hit Minnesota in 2005?

There were none. Minnesota does not get hurricanes.

What was the year with most hurricanes?

2005 holds that record with 15 hurricanes in the Atlantic ocean. The 2005 Atlantic Hurricane season holds a number of other hurricane-related records as well.

What was the hurricane of 1933 officially named?

First of all, there were many hurricanes in 1933. Only 2005 had more. Second, none of the hurricanes in 1933 had names. The naming of hurricanes did not start until 1950.

How many hurricanes since 2005?

there have been 588 hurricanes since 2005

What are the names of the five hurricanes that formed in the Atlantic ocean in 2005?

Andrew, charle, Frances, Katrina, Wilma

What are some other names for hurricanes?

What are some other names for hurricanes? Hurricanes can also be known as typhoons or tropical cyclones.

When did they start using males names as hurricanes?

Male names for hurricanes began in 1979.

How many hurricanes hit the us in 2005?

Seven Hurricanes hit the U.S. in 2005.

What are the hurricanes' names on Mercury?

Only the hurricanes on Earth are given names. The planet Mercury has no atmosphere to speak of and therefore does not have hurricanes at all.

Give the names of five hurricanes that formed in the Atlantic ocean in 2005?

Dennis, Emily , Irene, Maria, and Beta

Are there names for tornadoes?

Tornadoes do not get names as hurricanes do.

Are hurricanes given names and tropical storom not?

Both hurricanes and tropical storms are given names.

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