What are the names of the Tracy beaker cast?

Mike Milligan - Conor Byrne
Gina Conway - Kay Purcell
Cam Lawson - Lisa Coleman Tracy Beaker- Dani Harmer
Mandy "Elektra" Perkins - Jessica Revell
Liam O'Donovan - Richard Wisker
Tee Taylor - Mia McKenna-Bruce
Johnny Taylor - Joe Maw
Toby Coleman - John Bell
Lily Kettle - Jessie Williams
Carmen Howle - Amy-Leigh Hickman
Frank Matthews - Chris Slater
Harry Mason- Philip Graham-Scott
Gus Carmichael - Noah Marullo
Sapphire Fox - Saffron Coomber
Poppy Kettle - Katie Anderson
Rosie Kettle - Claudia Colling (in series 1)/Millie Redfearn (in series 2)

Rick - Daniel Pearson
Tyler - Miles Butler Hughes
Jody Jackson - Kia Pegg