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  1. Main Belt asteroids -- a band of asteroids located in the "missing planet" gap between Mars and Jupiter. None of these are economically attractive in a near term program because they are too far from Earth.
  2. Amor asteroids -- asteroids whose orbits approach but do not cross Earth orbit, and whose orbits are further from the Sun than Earth's orbit (i.e., "outside-t" Earth orbit). Many have orbits which reside entirely between Earth and Mars. Some of these are economically attractive in the near term.
  3. Apollo asteroids -- asteroids whose orbits cross Earth's orbit. Apollo asteroids spend most of their time outside Earth orbit. Many of these are economically attractive in the near term.
  4. Aten asteroids -- asteroids whose orbits cross Earth's orbit. Unlike Apollos, Atens spend most of their time inside Earth orbit. A large percentage of known Atens are economically attractive in the near term.

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No. There are thousands of asteroids with names.

Europea is the smoothest and the iceyest moon, but Jupiter has many other moons too.

Cera, Pallas, Viesta, ad Hygiea.

The three are names of asteroids (planetoids).

There are too many to list here (60+) look at the link I will place below for this information.

The four ateroids names reported by TFAGOPG (The Four Asteroids Group of People Group) says that they are named Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. This cluster of asteroids is also called the LW asteroids. Statistics provided by: TFAGOPG and LW Asteroid Group

They are named often by their discoverer or in some rare cases the IAU.

Comets and Meteors are larger bodies

Asteroids worthy of naming - are usually named by the astronomer that discovers them.

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I dont know,,,can somebody please answer I need that answer ASAP

Yes. Many asteroids have names. The largest is called Ceres.

While we know that asteroids have hit the Earth in the distant past, they were never named. To the extent that we have names for them, they are named for the craters they create where they hit, such as the Chixulub event that killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

I would just call it that - a "group of asteroids".Names of specific "groups" include the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter; the Kuiper belt; the Trojans; and others.

The Earth's only satellite is the Moon.

There are 3 major ones that are following in Neptune's orbit, known as Trojan asteroids. They don't have official individual names yet, just designation numbers: 2008LC18, 2005TN53, and 2001QR322.

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