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the name of the four seasons are:

Winter-winter solstice

Spring-spring equinox

Fall-vernal equinox

summer- summer solstice

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The four seasons are summer, spring, winter and fall. There are other terms used for them depending on the country you are living. The seasons we follow now were originally created by the Romans.

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What are the four names of the seasons?

The four seasons are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

What are the latin names for the four seasons?

The four seasons are Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The names of the seasons in Latin are Hiems, Ver, Aestas and Autumnus.

What are the names of the original four seasons?

Winter, summer, spring, autumn

What are the names of the four seasons in the temperate zone?

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, are the four seasons. All parts of the world have the same four seasons. When it's winter in the northern hemisphere, it is summer in the southern hemisphere, due to the tilting of the earth.

What are the four seasons that make up vivaldis four seasons?

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are the four seasons that make up Vivaldi's four seasons.

What are some names of famous pieces written by Vivaldi?

Four seasons, most famous Spring

Is there four seasons in the rainforest?

Rainforests have four seasons two dry seasons and two wet seasons

How do you spell the names of the seasons?

The four seasons of the year are spring, summer, fall (autumn), and winter. The "rainy" season in some climates is the "monsoon season."

What are the names of the two seasons of Antarctica?

Antarctica experiences four seasons. If you want to list two, you can pick from this list: Summer, fall, winter and spring.

Why do four seasons occur?

because there are four seasons only

Who was the person invented the four seasons?

who invented the four seasons

Does new york have four seasons?

yes it technically has four seasons.

How do you say four seasons in German?

four seasons = vier Jahreszeiten

What climate has all four seasons?

There are four seasons in a temperate climate.

What are all the names of all the GI Joe seasons?

The Seasons don't have individual names.

What do you mean when we say there are four seasons?

The seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. All of those are the four seasons.

What are the four seasons in the Philippines?

the four seasons in the are the summer,winter,falls ,and the spring.

Does America have all four seasons?

Yes, America has all four seasons.

Does Massachusetts have all four seasons?

yes,Massachusetts does have all four seasons.

Does Maldives have four seasons?

Yes, all geographic locations have four seasons.

When was The Four Seasons released?

The Four Seasons was released on 05/22/1981.

What was the Production Budget for The Four Seasons?

The Production Budget for The Four Seasons was $6,500,000.

When was The Four Seasons Restaurant created?

The Four Seasons Restaurant was created in 1959.

What are the seasons they have in Kenya?

they have four seasons in Kenya

How many seasons are in iceland?

They are four seasons

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