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Tim McIlrath(vocals), Joe Principe(Bass), Zach Blair(Guitar), and Brandon Barnes(Drums).

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Tim McIlrath - lead singer

Zachariah (Zach) Blair - lead guitarist

Joe Principe -bassist

Brandon Barnes - drums

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Tim McIlrath is Rise Against's vocalist.

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Tim McIlrath!

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Q: What are the names of the members of rise against?
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Which members of Rise Against married?

All of them.

Where were the band members of rise against born?


Has any member of rise against ever been a part of the offspring?

No, none of the members of Rise Against have ever been associated with The Offspring.

Is the band Rise against all vegetarians?

All members of Rise Against are vegans, due to the fact that they are all in P.E.T.A, which is an animal-friendly group that is thought to be full of terrorists...(which I asume it isn't...)

Who is the lead singer for the rock band Rise Against?

Rise Against is an American punk-rock band who contain an all vegetarian members, with the exclusion of the lead singer, Tim McIlrath, who is a vegan.

When was Rise Against created?

Rise Against was created in 1999.

Do any of the members of Rise Against smoke weed?

No, they're all straight edge, but for one member who drinks "often enough."

What is th band members of rise against?

The band Rise Against currently consists of: Tim McIlrath - singer/rhythm guitar Joe Principe - bass Brandon Barnes - drums Zach Blair - lead guitar notable former members include Chris Chase - lead guitar Mr. Precision - lead guitar

Where did Rise Against start?

Rise Against is a band from Chicago, IL.

What names rhyme with rise?

There ain't any names that rhyme with rise. D:

Is Rise Against anti-Christian?

no they are not 2 of the band members are christian one is agnostic and one is athiest so no they are actually not anti christian

What year did rise against come out?

Rise Against was officially formed in 1999.