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The games in Athens will have three more NOC's competing than Sydney: Afghanistan, Kiribati, and Timor-Leste

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Q: What are the names of the new participating countries for the Athens 2004 Olympics?
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What countries are represented in 2012 olympics?

204 countries or Participating National Olympic Committees were in the Olympics and 79 had athletes that won at least one medal. The names of the countries followed by number of athletes can be found in the related link forParticipants

What are the names of the new participating countries for the Beijing 2008 Olympics?

Three countries made their first Olympic appearance at the 2008 Games in Beijing: Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, and Montenegro

What are the names of all the participants in the 1936 Berlin Olympics?

The 1936 summer Olympics were held in Berlin Germany. The total number of participating countries was 49 and almost 3963 athletes participated of which only 331 were women.

Names of two mascots for the 2004 Olympics in Athens?

Athena and Phevos

Names of countries which participated in Olympics 2008?

names of countries that participated in the Beijing olyiumpics games 2008

What are the names of the athletes that are participating in the 2012 summer Olympics?

There are over 10,000 of them one source has reported the figure at 10,490

What are the names of the new participating countries for the London 2012 Olympics?

Countries do not enter the Olympic Games. The Olympic Movement consists of international sports federations (IFs), National Olympic Committees (NOCs), and organizing committees for each specific Olympic Games.

Is Iran participating in the 2012 Olympics?

Yes, Iran has an athlete in some sport at the Olympics in London. You can visit the Olympic site in London, the names of the athletes and the sports they see.

What are the names of all the countries competing in the 2012 Beijing Olympics?

The 2012 Olympics are not being held in Beijing.

What countries are participating in the world cup this summer?

32 nations are playing. For names of teams, search on google.

What are the names of some of the countries that take part in the Olympics?

China UK France USA

How many countries are expected to take place in the Olympics and who?

204 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) or countries took part in the 2012 London Olympics. There names and the number of athletes can be found at the related

What are two Olympic sports that start with the letter g?

The only Olympic word that I know of (other than the names of participating countries) is gymnastics.

The city of Athens was names for?

Athena is the patron goddess of Athens. Athens was named after her.

What was the mascot of the Athens 2004 Olympics?

The official mascots for the 2004 Athens Olympics were a brother and sister pair named Phevos and Athena. Their creation was inspired from a pair of 7th century dolls found during archaeological excavations in Greece. Both names are those of Olympian gods. Phevos was the god of light and music, and also known as Apollo, whilst Athena was the goddess of wisdom and patron of Athens. Phevos and Athena represent the values of the Olympics: participation, brotherhood, equality, cooperation and fair play.

What are the names of participants in the Swaziland Olympic team?

There are 4 people from Swaziland who are in the Olympics. Luke Hall is a Swimmer who is participating in the swimming event. He will be swimming the 50m Freestyle on Aug 14th Temalangeni Dlamini is in the Olympics as well. She is in Athletics running the 400m. Senele Dlamini is a swimmer who swam on the 15th Isaiah Msibi also participated in the Olympics in Athletics

What are the names of the countries that are playing in the 2010 winter Olympics?

Australia Germany Korea Turkey China Lennon England Japan America Canada

What are the names of officials of Olympics?


How many athletes did each country have at the 2012 Olympics individually?

204 countries or NOCs were at the Olympic with from 541 for GB to only 2 for 11 countries. There names and number of athletes are listed in the related link

What are the three names of the mascots at the Olympics?

names=MIGA, quatchi, SUMI

Which countries have only three letters in their names?

There are no countries with only three letters in their names, but there are 3-letter codes that are used for various purposes. For example, the United Nations has 3-letter country codes and so does the Olympics. For more information about their codes visit the Related Links.

What are the names of the athletes in Trinidad tobago?

what are the names of the athletes from trinidad and tobago who will be participating in the 2012 olympic games and what is their field of endeavour

What are some of the names of the greek island?

Athens, Sparta

What are the names of the cultural cities in Greece today?


What country enters the stadium first?

Traditionally, Greece enters first, the host country last. In the middle are the other participating nations, in the order in which their names are spelled in the host's language. On occasion, the order of march for the "middle nations" has been set by the French spelling of their names. Greece enters first in recognition of its place in history as the home of the ancient Olympics, as well as its having hosted the first Games of the modern era, in 1896. In 2004, when the Games were held in Athens, Greece chose to march in last, in its role as host.