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Q: What are the names of the three different types of ionizing radiation?
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What are the three major forms of emitted radiation?

The three major forms of emitted ionizing radiation are Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

List the three main types of nuclear radiation in order of increasing ionizing ability?

Alpha, Beta, Gamma and cosmic are all examples of radiation.Types of radiation could be:Ionizing radiationElectromagnetic radiationInfra red radiation

How are the three forms of radiation from the sun different?

cause they different

Are UV rays carcinogenic?

There are three bands of ultraviolet radiation, each having different effects on the skin:UVA, used to make vitamin D, essential and not carcinogenicUVB, causes sunburns, multiple severe sunburns can eventually cause cancerUVC, yes very carcinogenic as it is ionizing radiation just below soft x-rays in energy

What are three different names of red river valley?

what are three different names of the song red river valley

Name three different rays?

Conduction, convection, radiation.

Can Heat can be transferred by only by radiation?

Heat can be transferred by three different ways. They are Conduction, Convection and Radiation.

Three main type of ionizing radiation emitted from radioactive atoms?

Alpha radiation: this consists of fast moving helium nuclei - i.e. two neutrons and two protons. Beta radiation: this is composed of single electrons. Gamma radiation: very high frequency, high energy electromagnetic radiation.

What are the names of the three main types of radiation?

Gamma ray,x-ray & ultra-violet rays

What are the names of three different cells?

the name of three different cells are:< red blood cell

What are 3 different names for a pig?

Well, Three different names a guinea pig could have is, for a girl guinea pig, three good names could be Ally, Buttercup, or Maggie. Three good names for boys could be Oreo, Emmanuel or Templeton. This is my opinion.

How can heat energy be transferred?

It can be transferred by three different methods:* Conduction * Convection * Radiation