What are the names of the two landmark stone lions sitting in front of the New York Public Library at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street in New York City?

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Patience and Fortitude! These names were bestowed by Mayor LaGuardia. A popular slang term ("The Lion House") has entered the Gotham vernacular for Public Library, and some other libraries have picked up this statuary custom - and the slang term. I use the Lion House a lot!
Patience and Fortitude are the names of the lions in front of the library in New York. Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia named them.
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Who named New York City?

New York traces its roots to its 1624 founding as a trading post by colonists of the Dutch Republic, and was named New Amsterdam in 1626. The city and its surroundings came under English control in 1664 and were renamed New York after King Charles II of England granted the lands to his brother, the ( Full Answer )

How many streets are in New York City?

New York is a state with a population of more than 19 million people. Naming all the streets in the state would be prohibitive. New York City has a population of more than 8 million people. Naming all the streets in the city would be prohibitive. To the above - bull. There are databases mainta ( Full Answer )

What are some landmarks in New York City?

the Chrysler building being once the tallest building in nyc, theempire state building, 'ground zero' [the site where the twintowers once where] grand central station, the metropolitan museumof art, wall street in the financial district, the statue ofliberty, straten island, for shoppers macy's & un ( Full Answer )

How did New York City get its name?

The Dutch were the first Europeans to colonize New York City and its surrounding areas. They gave the settlement's port city the name New Amsterdam, and the greater province to which it belonged was named New Netherland. In 1664, the British took control of New Amsterdam and New Netherland and rena ( Full Answer )

How long is fifth avenue New York?

I measured it on google earth its about 11 kilometres long including the park were 5th avenue runs through

What are the most famous landmarks in New York City?

The most famous landmarks are Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Grand Central Terminal, Times Square, Lincoln Center, Ground Zero [Where the twin towers once stood], Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral, MTV studios, 40 Wall Street, United Nations, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty ( Full Answer )

How do you compute the width of an avenue in New York City in New York City?

There is no specific formula that can be applied as a standard for computing the width of avenues. Certain avenues like Broadway and Park Avenue can have different widths. Park avenue goes both ways as does third avenue and others in some places. Broadway runs diagonally often intersecting with othe ( Full Answer )

What is the longest street in New York City?

Broadway. Broadway is actually one of the longest streets in the world. Its total length is over 400 miles. It runs in a true north/south line up and down almost the entire length of Manhattan Island and New York State.

Who is Duane street New York City named after?

Mayor James Duane (1733-1797), a member of the Continental Congress who was appointed the first post-British Mayor of New york (by Governor George Clinton) in 1784. A highly respected lawyer, Duane was a key drafter of the NYS Constitution and a signatory of the Articles of the Confederacy. He oppos ( Full Answer )

What are the famous landmarks of New York City?

There are so many. Here are just a few: Empire State Building United Nations Building Grand Central Terminal Central Park Woolworth Building City Hall Chrysler Building Statue of Liberty St. Patrick's Cathedral Rockefeller Center

What is the zip code of Fifth Avenue in New York City?

There is no single zip code for Fifth Avenue. Rather, it depends on what the cross street is. Fifth Avenue is the first avenue on the East Side. It forms the dividing line between the West and East Sides of Manhattan. It runs up and down Manhattan, from Waverly Place (Waverly Place is what woul ( Full Answer )

Name a city in New York?

Amityville . Babylon . Cazenovia . Delhi . Elma . Fredonia . Geneva . Hamburg . Ithaca . Jamaica . Kinderhook . Liberty . Montauk . Nassau . Oswego . Peekskill . Queensbury . Rome . Syosset . Troy . Utica . Valhalla . Warsaw . Yonkers

Can you get married at the New York Public Library?

It is possible to have a civil ceremony there with the mayor, a judge, etc. officiating. It is also possible to have the reception at the library. The website also suggests Bryant Park as a possibility for the ceremony, if you want it to be at all religious.

Who built the New York Public Library?

The "Main Branch" of the NYPL at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street was designed and built by Carrere and Hastings in the Beaux Arts style.

How do you get from Pennsylvania Station in New York City to 96th Street and Columbus Avenue?

It's very easy. You don't have to make any transfers. You have two options, the 1-2-3 (the red line) and the A-C-E (the blue line). On the 1-2-3: 1) Take the Uptown 1-2-3 from 34th Street (Penn Station) to 96th Street. In this case, it is preferable to take the 2 or 3 , instead of the ( Full Answer )

What is the fifth largest city in New York?

Syracuse. However it switches rankings when viewed as a metropolitan statistical area where it falls to sixth with Albany and Poughkeepsie advancing.

What part of New York City is Park Avenue?

Park Avenue is a two-laned avenue that runs north/south and south/north through the borough of Manhattan, on the East Side. It starts at East 14th Street, and runs north until it hits the Harlem River (which flows south and joins the East River), at approximately East 132nd Street. From East 14th St ( Full Answer )

Distance from Penn Station to 42nd Street New York?

Penn Station is at West 33rd - West 34th Street, from 7th to 8th Avenue. In New York City, approximately 17 to 20 street blocks (south/north blocks) equals a mile, and approximately 3 to 4 avenue blocks equals a mile. The distance from 34th Street to 42nd Street is 8 blocks, so, Penn Station is less ( Full Answer )

Is there an Albany Street in New York City?

Yes. There is an Albany Street in Lower Manhattan, just a few blocks south of Ground Zero (the former site of the World Trade Center). There is also an Albany Avenue, in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.

What are the bronze plaques in the sidewalk near the New York Public library on 41 street?

There are 96 bronze plaques on both sidewalks on East 41st Street between Park and Fifth Avenues. The area is called Library Way! The plaques contain poetry and prose from famous poets, writers and philosophers both alive and deceased. Library Way was officially dedicated on May 27, 2004! If you hav ( Full Answer )

Which New York City subway stops at Avenue D?

No subway stops at Avenue D. Or Avenues C, B and A. All of Alphabet City is without subway stations. You either take the L (the grey line) to 1st Avenue and walk southeast, or take the J (of the J-Z , the brown line) or the F (of the B-D-F-M , the orange line) to Delancey Street-Essex Street ( Full Answer )

Who was New York City named after?

New York City was named for the Duke of York, who received the colony as a gift from his brother, King Charles II of England.

Where is the nearest library to the Port Authority bus terminal on 42nd Street in New York City?

The Port Authority terminal is at 8th Avenue and 42nd Street. The New York City Public Library branch that is closest to Port Authority is the Mid-Manhattan branch , which is located just across the street from the main branch that has the lion statues in front. The address is 455 Fifth Avenue, at ( Full Answer )

Which famous New York City landmark is on an island?

You are probably thinking of the Statue of Liberty, which is located on Liberty Island. Also, the Ellis Island Immigration Center is located on Ellis Island, which is just a stone's throw away from Liberty Island. Also, the borough of Manhattan is an island, and it has many famous landmarks on it, ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the hotel at 57th Street and Park Avenue in New York City?

You might be talking about The Drake Swissotel, which is located at 440 Park Avenue. The entrance is in the middle of the block (between 56th and 57th), not at the corner, but the building itself extends all the way to the corner of 57th. The Ritz Tower is located at the northeast corner of 57th an ( Full Answer )

What landmarks are in New York City?

Various landmarks within New York City may include, but are not limited to: -Empire State Building -Times Square -Rockefeller Center -Central Park -Grand Central Station -American Museum of Natural History -Metropolitan Museum of Art -Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

What borough is 481 Eighth Avenue New York City in?

The address 481 8th Avenue is in Manhattan, at 34th Street (near Penn Station). Google Maps actually has several locations listed at that address, including Cooper's Tavern, Tick Tock Diner, and Cloud 9 Clinical Skin Care. If you're going to the Tick Tock Diner, then I strongly recommend the sweet ( Full Answer )

Which New York City subway stop do you get on to go from 42nd Street to John F. Kennedy Airport?

You need to take the A train (of the A-C-E , the blue line). If you're coming from the 42nd Street-Times Square Station (at 42nd Street and 7th Avenue), then you just walk through the tunnel that connects the 42nd Street-Times Square Station to the 42nd Street-Port Authority Bus Terminal Station ( Full Answer )

What is the steam on the streets of New York City?

New York's famous steam seen billowing out of various manholes and sewer grates is the excess from an elaborate underground steam system that buildings - both residential and commercial - can make use of for heating. And since it's Manhattan, of course, it isn't free, but is a paid utility. This ste ( Full Answer )

What is the shortest New York City street?

According to the first Related Link (see below), Edgar Street is the shortest, at 63 feet (19 meters). However, according to the measurements I got from Google Maps, Edgar Street is actually 131.25 feet (40 meters) long. Edgar Street is located in the Financial District. Its one-block span runs betw ( Full Answer )

How did Wooster Street in New York City get its name?

According to The Street Book: An Encyclopedia of Manhattan's Street Names and Their Origins , by Henry Moscow, Wooster Street was named after David Wooster, "a lackluster Revolutionary general who was killed in action." Wooster was born in Connecticut and in 1776 was named "a major general comma ( Full Answer )

What are major landmarks in New York City?

The Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Central Park, Lincoln Center, Radio City Music Hall... This is a very incomplete answer, I know.

Is Fifth Avenue a shopping street in New York?

It is a ritzy, residential-only avenue from 96th Street to 59th Street. From 59th Street to about 34th Street, it is a high-end shopping avenue. Above 96th Street and below 34th Street, it is a "regular" avenue with both residential and commercial buildings.

What is the zip code for Park Avenue in New York city?

Park Avenue does not have a single zip code. It crosses several(more than 25) as it runs from Fordham University in the Bronx tothe Grand Concourse in SW Manhattan. If you go to the USPS site,you can type in the exact address to get the zip code or codes forthe location and addressee. Note that some ( Full Answer )