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Crabs are frequently preyed upon by halibut, dogfish, sculpins, octopus, otters, sea turtles, and even other species of crabs. Young crabs may sometimes be eaten by their own species. Crab larvae might be eaten by pretty much anything that eats plankton.
the natural predators for a hermit crab is the octopus

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Q: What are the natural predators of crabs?
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What are the natural predators of hermit crabs?

Crabs have few natural predators due to their protective shell. They are most susceptible to attacks from fellow crabs for shells or for nutrition.

What are the natural predators of land hermit crabs?


What are natural predators of starfish?

rock crabs, sea urchins,and the giant Triton

What are the natural predators of coral crabs?

Octopus eat many crustaceans, and I believe that they also eat coral crabs as well.

What are some natural predators of cnidarians?

The natural predators of cnidarians are Sea Turtles, fish that eat coral, such as Parrotfish, Echinoderms, such as Starfish, and crustaceans, like Crabs.

Why are hermit crabs nocturnal?

In their natural habitat, less predators are out at night which means they are safer at night.

How do crabs avoid predators?

It doesn't crabs are known to viciously attack any of their predators on sight

What is the crabs predators?


How do crabs defend themselves from predators?

The crabs uses its claws.

What crabs live on jellyfish?

Arrow Crabs are predators of jellyfish

What are the natural predators of KING crabs?

The Alaskan King Crab also has several natural predators that consider them a food source. Fish such as the halibut or pacific cod are good examples of predators as well as sea otters, octopuses and other types of Crab.

What are camouflauge crabs?

camouflage crabs live in rockpools and other marine places they camouflage themselves with whatever natural things they have with them (mud, leaves and corals). that's how they hide from their predators.

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