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Q: What are the natural predators of the blue king crab?
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What are the natural predators of KING crabs?

The Alaskan King Crab also has several natural predators that consider them a food source. Fish such as the halibut or pacific cod are good examples of predators as well as sea otters, octopuses and other types of Crab.

What are some predators of a sunflower star?

king crab

What is the largest commercial fished crab?

The blue crab, not the king or snow crab of Alaska fame.

What is another name for a blue crab?

The blue crab is a general term that refers to four different species that share similarities:The blue king crab (Paralithodes platypus)The blue swimmer crab (Portunus pelagicus) The Japanese blue crab (Portunus trituberculatus)The Chesapeake/Atlantic blue crab (Callinectes sapidus)The Japanese blue crab and the blue swimmer crab are the only two that are within the same genus.

What are predators of the king cobra?

There are no major natural predators for the king cobra because of its huge size. Humans are its biggest enemies.

Will a eagle eat a king cobra?

No. A king cobras only natural predators are humans and mongooses.

What are the natural predetors of the king cobra?

There are no major natural predators for the king cobra because of its huge size. Humans are its biggest enemies.

Is king crab a bug?

No, the King Crab is a crustacean.

What is the scientific name of a king crab?

a king crab

What is the king crabs prey?

The King Crab is carnivore. It eats for example some fish parts.

Which animal is the king of the sea?

Killer whales, as they have no natural predators besides humans who hunt or capture them. However, others may say blue whales or great white sharks.

What is the life span of a crab?

Each type of crab has a different life span. Blue Crabs only live for about three years. A King Crab has a life span of 14 years.

What is a name of a crab?

king or herbit crab

Why is Alaska famous for king crab?

Alaska is famous for king crab because of the show deadliest catch which is where men go out into the Alaskan sea and catch king crab so everyone now knows to go to Alaska for king crab.

What plants live inside a king crab?

wat plants live in side a king crab???????????????????????????????????????????

When was Puget Sound king crab created?

Puget Sound king crab was created in 1849.

Who will captain the Cornelia Marie this season of the deadliest catch?

Derrick Ray for blue king crab, someone else for opies

What are the predetors of a king cobra?

Fully grown adult king cobra perhaps has no natural predators. But the juveniles are possibly preyed by mongooses and birds of prey.

Which has the most chromosomes a fruit fly human king crab or gorilla?

The King Crab has the most. Fruit fly - 8 Human - 46 King Crab - 208 Gorilla - 48

Also called the king crab what living fossil is not actually a true crab?

Horseshoe crab

What are a king cobra's predators?

ITS predators are mongooses and us

What eats a king crab?


How does a king crab eat?


Is king crab a mollusk?

No it is a crustacean

What color is a king crab?