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What are the natural resources of Maryland?

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Water and different types of seafood fish are from the Chesapeake bay. Also in the woods of Maryland provide lumber. These are some of the resources Maryland have.

Some of Maryland's lumber come from pine trees.

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What are the Natural resources for Maryland?

Even though Maryland is very small in size it has many natural resources. Maryland's natural resources include fish, wood, and abundant waters.

Natural resources of Maryland?

*oil *water *fish

Did Maryland have natural or produced resources?

Yes the bounty of the Chesapeake Bay and fertile soils. These are some natural or produced resources!

Two natural resources in state Maryland?

seafood and woods

What natural resources does maryland have?

Maryland has several natural resources. The main ones include agriculture, oil, and fishing. Food production, particularly with dairy and chicken, and coal mining are also important resources this state offers.

What natural resources did colonial Maryland grow capture and export?


What are the natural resources used in Maryland now?

Water,Coal,and Trees.

Natural resources of colonial Maryland?

there was tobacco but i don't know if there are any more

Who is responsible for regulating the state boating laws in Maryland?

Maryland Department of Natural Resources, and the Coast Guard on navigable rivers.

What were the natural resources of colonial Maryland?

They had fish, wheat, and they had forestry.Fish,Wheat,Forestry

What food and natural resources can you take from Maryland?

you only can take oil fish and coal minning

What are the main natural resources of Maryland?

Water, seafood, lumber, agriculture, fishing, coal, and tobacco

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