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Actually, neither Britain nor any other European country ever controlled China. Britain tried to gain influence and went to war against China in 1842 as the Chinese wouldn't let British sell opium (heroine!) to China. At the end of this small-scale war China had to hand over part of Hong Kong to Britain and make some other minor concessions. This triggered rivlaries in the Far East between the European colonial powers, each keen to have its port(s) and concessions. Although all this was very demeaning for the Chinese, the competition between the European powers had the effect of preventing any one country from gaining control.

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Q: What are the negative effects of British control in China?
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What did China give British control of?

China Gave up control of Hong Kong to the British.

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Motive of the British in the Opium Wars?

the negative trade balance between Britain and China

The Portuguese control of Macau and the British control of Hong Kong in China are examples of what?

it's an example of imperialism.

Where did the British grow most of the opium they exported into China?

If you're referrring to the opium wars between China and Britain, the British bought opium from growers in India (which was under British control at the time).

What reason did the British fight in the opium war?

he negative trade balance between Britain and china

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Which small colony in southeast China did the British turn over to the People's Republic of China in1997?

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The Opium War was between China and the British empire. The British ended up winning and gaining more control over India.

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The Treaty of Nanjing.

Which treaty gave the british five ports in china and forced china to give up control hong kong?

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In 1858, The British government was handed India after a series of revolts. The addition of India to the British empire brought large amounts of wealth to the nation. During other takeovers, Britain gained control over China as well.

Which was a reason for the British to fight the Opium Wars?

The one-sided trade policies of China The negative trade balance between Britain and China The trade policies of britain

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The British, French, Germans Portuguese Russians, and Japanese gained control over parts of china

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