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the modern means of communication are moblies,computers,

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Q: What are the negative effects of moodern means of Communication?
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What are the negative effects of modern means of communication?

Modern means of communication involve using cell phones for texting and computers for emailing. A negative effect of these is that we lose face-to-face interactions.

What are negative effects of modern means of communication?

Some negatives about modern day communication includes the lack of physical interaction and a break down in communication. People can overcome this by talking and visiting with each other.

What is the negative effect of modern means of communication?

The negative effect of modern means of communication is that we lack direct communication. People engage more with conversations through texting, instant messaging, and social networking than they do in a face to face conversation.

What is the best means of communication?

means of communication

What does it mean to be safe guarded?

When you are safeguarded from something, you are immune or resistant to its negative effects. For example, "I have safeguarded the system from viral attack" means "I have added measures to prevent negative effects that may occur from viral attack".

What are different means of communication?

there are many different means of communication.. such as

What are the Physical effects of rugby on the body?

Rugby can be a rough contact sport, which means there can be negative physical effects of rugby on the body. Some examples are broken bones and twisted ankles.

Disadvantages of means of communication?

There are a few different disadvantages of means of communication. Communication can be skewed or hurtful and unproductive for example.

What were the traditional means of communication in India?

one of the traditional means of communication is smoke

What is interdepartmental communication?

Interdepartmental communication means communication between the department

What is langusge and communication mean?

Languse is the means of communication and communication is the understanding two or more people orally and other means.

What are the means of communication for disaster management?

There are same means of communication as we communicate in other matters.

Modern means of communication merits and demerits?

merits and demerits of modern means of communication

What were some negative effects of rapid industrial growth?

Some negative effects of rapid industrial growth are mainly to do with destruction of the environment. Some of the activities include development which means clearing of vegetation and forests a well as increase in burning of fossil fuels among others.

What do you mean by English as a means of communication?

Means of communication is actually a medium or a way by which a person can communicate. Now, "English is a means of communication" means that English is a medium through which one can communicate i.e., english is a language through which people talk or communicate. So, by means of communication we mean a language (or medium), or method or way of communication.

Can you define 'barriers of communication'?

barriers of communication means...

Are means of communication and types of communication one and the same?

no. they are not the same

Mobile phones as a modern means of communication?

Advantages and disadvantages of any two modern means of communication

What are the negative effects of being an orphan?

no negative effects of being a orphan everyone is the same human being. trust me don't LET anyone tell you different actually there r. negative means bad things so the orphans did do things bad they comitted suicide, joined violent gangsters or clubs, drank beer smoked and gambled for money

Explain grapevine communication?

Grapevine communication refers to nontraditional means of communication. Rather than formal means, hearing something through the grapevine means that it was passed through word of mouth.

What good interpersonal skills and communication means?

Interpersonal communication is this type of communication that occurs communication between or among person.

Introduction about modern means of communication?

introduction to modern modes of communication

Slogan on English communication?

communication in English means your success in future

What are the similarities and differences between speech and communication?

Both are the means of communication

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Diaphragms or condoms are of course the safest means of birth control. And you can be sure that they will have no negative side effects for your baby.