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Q: What are the objects that can be moved by electricity on science?
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How electricity happen?

(Surface) Electrons are moved from one object to another, usually by rubbing. Note that the objects are non-conductors.

Does static electricity affect objects?

Yes, static electricity does affect objects.

Is electricity an application of science?

yes,electricity is the application of science

Is electricity a physical science?

Electricity is from the sky. Sky is part of nature. Nature is part of science. Therefore electricity is related to science. Simple.

How are static and current electricity obtained?

Typically, movement is used to obtain electricity of the static or current varieties. Rubbing two dissimilar objects together has been used to create a difference in the distribution of charge (static electricity). Current electricity is typically made by a dynamo or generator: a wire is moved through a magnetic field.

What is moved in science?

you moved somthing out of the way to do an experiment.

What are three ways objects can move?

objects can be moved by human or by machines

Does electricity heat up objects?

yes. the more electricity the hotter.

True or false when a magnet is moved electricity is formed?

1/2 true, when moved though a wire coil electricity is formed.

What type of science is the flow of electricity?

The answer is engineering science.

How does static electricity occurs?

static electricity occurs when objects gain electrons

Do metal objects get charged by conduction?

When metal objects conduct electricity the electricity just passes through them, it does not remain to impart an electrical charge.