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I believe some areas are more prone to this than others. But don't worry, they should be worth more money than the damage they'd cause.

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The chances of an asteroid from the asteroid belt hitting Earth are very close to zero. The chances of a so-called "near Earth asteroid" hitting Earth are much higher... in fact, they hit Earth all the time, and are seen as meteors ("shooting stars").

There is no such thing as a h.r. cycle. You can hit for the cycle which includes a h.r.

Apophis is an 885 foot diameter asteroid that will pass by Earth on April 13, 2036. The odds of it hitting the Earth are calculated to be 1 in 48,000. Keep in mind that the asteroid that crashed into Chicxulub, Mexico wiping out the dinosaurs was 6 miles wide,nearly 36 times larger.

According to C-3PO, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1. However, the actual odds are 1/6'000'000th to 1

Asteroids hit the earth every day. The small ones burn up in the atmosphere and fall to earth as dust, occasionally larger ones my hit the earth surface. Most of these will land in the ocean. The odds of a person being hit by a meteorite is minuscule.

Hitting for the cycle and hitting a no-hitter are equally rare, sitting at 0.001139 51.73%

well there are 6 sides and the odd of hitting one is a 1 out of 6 chance. the odds of hitting five is a 5 out 6 chance

No. The chances of an asteroid large enough to cause significant damage is very low.

It depends, if you happen to be a very speedy player- like Mickael Bourn, The odds are probably 3/4, depending on how good the fielders are. But if you are slow with good fielders, Don't try.

Usually by another asteroid moving through the belt and hitting one, creating a force to move an asteroid from its orbit. Also, if a large enough asteroid passes by, it is possible that the gravity that it generates could pull a few off.

The odds of a person being killed by an asteroid are miniscule. Some calculate the odds of being hit at 1 in 250,000. This is a very small chance though slightly more likely than getting killed by lightening.

An asteroid or meteor that would cause climatic change, about 1 in 600,000 to 1 in 10,000,000.

The answer depends on how many the six are out of.

Normally a catastrophe.A meteor is a different story.

Apart from the destruction of all life on Earth?

Yes. The asteroid belt is mostly empty space, so comets can pass through it with a minimal chance of hitting anything.

because they are big chunks of rock hitting your spacecraft

an asteroid could cause total extinction to everything, earthquakes and tremors.

Small asteroids can be deflected by explosives (ordinary or nuclear) if they are far enough away. The problem is getting the explosives there. Asteroids travel at orbital speeds of thousands of kilometers an hour, and a large rocket would be required to reach the asteroid and match its speed, so that it could rendezvous and detonate. Hitting an asteroid with a head-on shot would be extremely difficult if not impossible, and could result in a shower of smaller pieces hitting the Earth.