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Bleach has a pH level of 13. Distilled water has a pH of 7 while the pH of black coffee is 5 and the pH of lemon juice is 2.

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Q: What are the pH levels of different household liquids?
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What are the pH levels of liquids?

Go on google search

Why different skin areas may have different ph levels?

Different parts of the skin tend to have different acidity levels which is why the ph levels change.

Why pH meter to measure the pH of several common household. Can you use a universal indicator or pH paper to measure the pH of all the common household chemicals?

Using a pH-meter the measurement is more accurate and sure.But at home you can use a pH-paper for transparent liquids.

Does temperature affect Ph levels in water?

The pH of water (or other liquids and solutions) is strongly dependent on the temperature.

How does light effect the pH of different liquids?

It doesn't

What is the relationship between acid salt and base does it have to do with pH levels?

Yes the pH levels are different

What are the pH levels of solution?

Different solutions have different pH levels. A solution can either be acidic or bascic, but water i niether, it is nuetral.

Why different skin areas may have different ph levels-?

Skin has different pH levels in different areas because of varying levels of lactic acid, amino acids, fatty acids, and metabolites.

What interesting effect do different pH levels have on hydrangea blossom?

the blossom changes colors on diffrent pH levels

Why different skin areas may have dieeferent ph levels?

Different things can raise the PH levels on your skin. Washing can lower PH so that means areas of skin like your face and hands will have a lower PH level than your torso or feet.

Does household detergents have pH?

All substances which dissolve in water have a pH. Most detergents are quite alkaline, though liquids such as those designed for washing up are nearly neutral.

How do you maintain different pH levels in connected tanks?

Use different chemicals to increase or decrease the pH.