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Q: What are the parts of emu in space?
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What does EMU mean in rocketry and space?

It's NASA's name for an independent space-suit - Extra-vehicular Mobility Unit.

Are the kangaroo koala and emu in danger?

Neither the kangaroo nor the emu is in danger. The koala is listed as "common" in southern Australia and most of Queensland, but "vulnerable" in southeast Queensland and parts of NSW.

What is an emu chicken?

An emu chick is a baby emu.

What is emu steaks?

Emu steaks are cuts of meat from the Australian Emu bird.

What is the pressure of a space suit in space?

During the Apollo EVAs, normal suit operating pressure was about 3.8 psi The Space Shuttle/ISS Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) operates at approximately 4.3 psi.

What is the shape of an emu?

A emu is a oval shape

What are the human impacts on an emu?

emu's scare me

What is the plural of emu?

The plural of emu is emus.

How many bananas can an emu eat?

Depends how many strongs and or bigs the emu can has.

What is a three letter word for Seabird?

A flightless bird that only has 3 letters is the emu. The emu is found in Australia. Even though and emu can not fly, it can move very fast on the ground. An emu can take strides that are 9 feet apart.

What is a the name of a young emu?

A young Emu is called a Chick or a hatchling .

What are main parts in a space suit?

there are different types of space suits. the EMU (white space suits) used during the space shuttle extravehicular activities (EVA) or space walks have 5 main components. the HUT: Hard Upper Torso the LTA: Lower Torso Assembly (like the pants in a snow suit) the Gloves the Helmet and the PLSS: Primary Life Support System (the backpack that gives the astronauts their oxygen, regulates oxygen flow, regulates temperature, radio communication...)