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Q: What are the pass requirements for a Bachelors pass?
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What are the requirements to become a dietitian?

bachelors degree bachelors degree

What is the education requirements for a bank manager?

A bachelors in a business field.

What programs does a teacher have to take?

You will need to complete a 4 years bachelors program at the schooling of your choice. You will need to complete the requirements listed by your school and pass the Praxis in order to become a certified teacher.

What are the teacher licensing requirements and certification tests in South Carolina?

All teachers need a bachelors degree minimally. Also, you will need to pass a Praxis test and a content-specific test for your subject of expertise.

What are the requirements of the border patrol?

A bachelors degree or associates degree in criminal justice and a gun

What are the requirements to become a Radiologic Technician?

You will need a bachelors degree to become a radiology technician

What are the school requirements for special effects technicians?

its the bachelors degree and i love it and always love the job

How does a teacher earn per year?

It varies per state and degree requirements per state. Some states require just a bachelors and others may require both a masters and bachelors degree. But it can start at about $40,000 with a masters. Again it depends on the state requirements.

Where can a bachelor's get obtain?

A bachelors degree can be obtained by completing all the requirements of a field of study at a uiversity or college.

Does a two year associate's degree count toward a bachelor's degree?

Yes, you can. I am doing this now. I just finished my Associates Friday and have enrolled for my Bachelors yesterday with Virginia College Online. My credits did not need to transfer because I am at the same institution.

What are the requirements of accredited paralegal programs in the US?

The requirements of an American Bar Association accredited paralegal program in the US are, an Associates, a Bachelors, or a Masters degree in any field.

What were the requirements to get a job as a veterinarian 15 years ago?

The job requirements to become a veterinarian 15 years ago were a bachelors degree then DVM degree from veterinary school.