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What are the physical characteristics of an ethnic French person?

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Technically this is not a reasonable question. Historically most people living in what is now France are of Caucasian descent, but Immigration (colonial and otherwise), intermarriage and European unification have made France a much more ethnically diverse country than it once was. [...]

However, quite a few French people do have the same types of characteristics just the same as africans, asians, amercians, and Islamic people do. A good amount of French do tend to have a more olive tinted skin with generally dark features. most have slightly large eyes and quite a bit of definition in their noses and brows. People may disagree with that fact but it is true.


Second opinion:

"Ethnic French" people, that is, descendants of the Francophone speaking peoples of Europe, generally look either Northern European (that is, fairer skin, blue eyes, blond hair) or Southern European (that is, somewhat tanned skin, brown eyes, dark hair).

This is however, a generalization. Yes, France is a very diverse country, many "ethnic French" may have some non-ethnic-French background as well, and a large number of French nationals are non-ethnic-French.

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