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What are the positive points of the Southern Reconstruction?

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== == The successes of Reconstruction were few but important. The passing of three constitutional amendments, the 13th, 14th, and 15th were successful because they each offered permanent freedom and protection under the law to African-Americans. Passing a constitutional amendment was a great victory for the Republicans and reconstruction since amendments were much harder than laws to be repealed. Republicans feared that a democrat would rescind all the reconstruction acts that they had passed. These amendments gave to all African-Americans born in the U.S full citizenship, the right to vote, and equal protection under the law.

Successes were not only in politics but also in internal improvements. During Reconstruction, the building of roads, bridges, and railroads improved transportation and trade. The building of hospitals, schools, and increased care for the handicapped increased health and education levels in the South. Tax systems were revamped in order to pay for these improvements.

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Was the reconstruction positive?

There are many people in the world that reconstruction was positive. There are equally as many people who believe the opposite.

What were the political social and economic effects of Reconstruction on the southern states?

we had implications on reconstruction and the southern states because of your mom :3 GG>

What were southern military leaders not allowed to do during reconstruction?

Southern military leaders weren't allowed to hold office during reconstruction.

What statement best characterizes the views of Southern Democrats on reconstruction?

Most Southern Democrats supported President Lincoln's Reconstruction plan.

Southern politics after reconstruction was dominated by?

Southern white Republicans 'scalawags'

How did the southern economy change after Reconstruction?

The South had developed a more balanced economy after Reconstruction

What was Southern reaction to Reconstruction?

Not very good.

Southern politics after reconstruction was dominated?


Southern economy during reconstruction?


In what year did the Southern Reconstruction end?

In 1896

What was the southern state reconstruction in 1866?


What caused the collapse of reconstruction?

Reconstruction collapsed around 1877, when Southern Democrats gained power in all the former Confederate states. The Southern Democrats opposed the reforms of Reconstruction and deprived African-Americans of the political rights they had gained during Reconstruction.

What are some pros and cons of the reconstruction era?

What are some negative and positive outcomes of the reconstruction era?

Whose plan for post-Civil War Reconstruction was the best for Southern whites?

Ulysses S. Grant had the best reconstruction plan for the southern white people. The reconstruction era took place from 1865 to 1877.

What was the attitude of the southern toward reconstruction?

The south was not appreciative of Reconstruction. It was often viewed as a sort of punishment from the north.

White southern who supported Radical Reconstruction?


What was the name given to Southern whites who supported the Republican policy throughout Reconstruction?

Some Southern whites saw an advantage in supporting the Republicans and the Reconstruction. They were referred to as scalawags.

How did southern whites feel about reconstruction?

Most Southern whites did not like Reconstruction and felt it was wrong. They were mad that they had lost the war and felt Blacks should not be given equal treatment.

How many weight watchers points in a pub measure southern comfort?

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What was the Goal of Reconstruction?

to reunite the nation and to rebuild the southern states.

How did southern agriculture change during Reconstruction?

cotton and tabacco

What was the result of southern conservative resistance to reconstruction?

They started to troll

Whose plan for reconstruction was the best for the southern whites?


How did southern Conservatives resist Reconstruction?

hoola hoola thats how.

What was the nickname of the democrats who dominated southern politics after reconstruction?