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Q: What are the possible ways to travel to space in the future?
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When was We Travel the Space Ways created?

We Travel the Space Ways was created in 1956.

What are two possible ways to meet peoples future water needs?

Two possible methods of obtaining fresh water for the future are desalination and melting icebergs.

What are the possible ways to stay in space for an extended period of time?


What are the possible ways to stay in space for a long period of time?

Get the oxygen tank!!!!!

What are possible ways to stay for a long period of time in space?

Get the oxygen tank!!!!!

In what ways can energy travel through empty space?

Electromagnetic waves, such as infrared and visible light

What are possible ways to stay in space for long periods for long time?

Get the oxygen tank!!!!!

Why is there only one way to travel into space?

Other ways are just far to dangerous.BUT probes and other ways of research are sent differently.

Where does NASA want to send astronauts in the future?

2020 they want to send astronauts to the moon. Before that they are sending robots to the moon. NASA wants too have a moon base by 2024 so astronauts could stay there for as long as 6 months. They hope routine missions will happen some where around 2050 are even before. Right now they are finding new ways to survive on the moon. Finding ways to be self sufficient instead relying on earth to give the moon base resources. They have thought of several ways to to produce air. But they also need to have water and food. Well we have found ice on the moon and recently found more then we new about. So that looks good gradation will be a problem but where finding ways to solve that to. After the moon the next step will most likely be Mars. Space travel needs money and good technology. So if we invest more money in space travel we will get more space travel and if NASA finds better and finds cheaper ways to build spacecrafts will have more space travel to.

What are the possible ways to bring dead person alive in future?

probably by cloning them you ll need there dna

Did Albert Einstein build a time machine?

Albert Einstein certainly did not build a TIME MACHINE, nor has anyone built a TIME MACHINE. However, Einstein's theories do give us a better understanding of time, and do show some possible ways of changing the speed at which time passes for a given person (if you travel in a space ship at close to the speed of light, time will pass slower for you than it does for people left behind on Earth, and you will effectively travel into the future, while simultaneously traveling to a distant location in space).

What are the rules of time travel?

Dont touch anything, the slightest change will alter the future, in ways you cant even imagine