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Larger birds and snakes

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Q: What are the predators of canaries?
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What is the possessive form for canary?

The possessive noun for the singular word canary is canary's, e.g. "The canary's seed dish".The possessive plural form for many canaries would be canaries', e.g. "The canaries' seed dishes".

Do canaries have feathers?

canaries do have feathers and they have lots of different colors canaries are a type of a bird

Do canaries whistle?

Male canaries sing beautifully

Can canaries sing beautiful?

are canaries beautiful singers

Are canaries sensitive to the cold?

No, Canaries are not sensitive to cold weather.

Who are the Canaries?

Canaries is the nickname for Norwich City football club.

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What color are canaries?

Canaries are mostly yellow, but colors may vary.

What are Canaries?

Canary diamonds are yellow-tinted diamonds.

Where are canaries nesting location?

Canaries come from the Canary Islands (surprise).

When was Canaries Sometimes Sing created?

Canaries Sometimes Sing was created in 1930.

Can canaries open cages?

yes , canaries are very smart some are know as the lower level in the smart zone yes canaries can open cages