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about 9 until 13 I would say for 8-12 (It depends on how mature you are at the age of 8) otherwise 9

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What ages is a pre-teen?


What is a fun website for pree teen girls?

A fun website for tween girls is girls life. It has tons of quizzes and awesome stuff

What does pree mean like when someone says'pree cool'?

In the phrase "pree cool", "pree" is short for "pretty". For example: " That movie was pree cool." "That movie was pretty cool."

What ages are considered pre-teen?

The answer is in the word teen. Thirteen has teen in it. Pre teen means before the numbers/years that have teen in their name. Twelve is preteen it does not have teen

Which ages are allowed to drink coffee?

Teen possibly

What are the ages of the Teen Titans?

between 13 and 15

When was Wolfgang Pree born?

Wolfgang Pree was born on 1964-06-27.

What is the legal age for a teen.?

Teens are ages 13-19 that is why you here "teen" at the end of those numbers

How old would a rooster be to be a teen?

Inorder for a rooster to be a teen, it must be between the ages of thirTEEN and nineTEEN

What is teen?

A teenager or adolescent; a person from the ages of 13 to 19.

Is the balto movies good even for teen ages?


What is the difference between teen and a preteen?

Preteen is ages 10-12. Teen is 13-19. These are numerical answers

Is 11 teen or tween?

Teens are the years that end in -teen eg fourteen, eighteen Tweens are the ages 10,11,12

What is the difference between a teen and a tween?

A Tween is a girl between the ages of 9 and 14. Tweens are too old to play with toys but too young to date boys. A Teen is someone between the ages of 13 and 19...the teen years. It looks like sometimes a tween can be a teen too!

When did Hugo De Pree die?

Hugo De Pree died on 1943-03-30.

When was Hugo De Pree born?

Hugo De Pree was born on 1870-12-25.

Does the Disney wonder have teen rooms?

Yes, located on Deck 11, Midship, Teen Club, Vibe, is a teen only area for ages 14 to 17

What does pree mean in Jamaica?

"Pree" means that somebody is watching or taking notice of you. They are following what you're doing.

Is an 11 year old a teen?

No. The word teen comes from the word teenager. So ages that ends with the term "teen" is a teen age. Like thirteen, fourteen etc. That means that your teenage years starts from 13 to 19..

How do you pronounce ะฟั€ะธะฒะตั‚?


How do you pronounce espirit?


Can teen with adult be in the balcony at the House of Blues in Chicago when its a all ages concert?


What is imvu rated?

The answer to this question is Teen ages 14+ According to the wiki link i have searched.

Are ther any free teen dating sites for ages 13-18?

no there is not

At what age can you buy teen rated games?

id say ages 9-13:)