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Q: What are the problems a researcher may encounter in the field?
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Is there a problem with plowing frozen ground?

Geographically i think not, but you may have problems actually ploughing, getting the ploughs blades through the ground may be hard and tempermental.

Which earth science may help us to solve problems?

All of them, but earth science will not solve all problem.

Why do the earth have a magnetic field?

An excerpt from a paper by D.R. Fearn: The problem of magnetic field stability is complementary to the (much more widely studied) kinematic dynamo problem The dynamo mechanism converts the mechanical energy of convection into magnetic energy. If the field generated is unstable then the instability extracts energy from the field and might be expected to limit the strength of field attainable. This is an important consideration since the toroidal part of the field in the Earth's core is shielded from us by the insulating mantle and we do not know its strength. [Measurements of the DC electrical potential near the top of the mantle have been extrapolated downward to estimate the toroidal field at the core-mantle boundary (CMB), ...). This gives a toroidal field strength of a few gauss ( at the CMB), but with a weakly conducting mantle, a low value is to be expected and this result is not inconsistent with a strong toroidal field in the interior of the core (...)] There are good reasons for believing the toroidal field may be significantly stronger than the observed (poloidal) part of the field. If so, theoretical considerations may be the only way we have of determining the strength of the major component of the field. Linear theory (...) has shown that a broad class of fields, characteristic of the Earth's field, are unstable when their maximum strength exceeds a value of the order of 60 gauss which is a factor 10 greater than the observed poloidal field but is in line with many estimates of the hidden toroidal field. (...) To explain the observed features of the geomagnetic field, it is clearly important to understand how a magnetic instability evolves. Link below.

What techique is used to study ancient magnetic fields?

Paleomagnetism refers to the study of the record of the Earth's magnetic field preserved in various rocks and minerals through time.The study of paleomagnetism is possible because iron-bearing minerals such as magnetite may record past directions of the Earth's magnetic field when the rocks containing them were formed or last heated up.Paleomagnetic signatures in rocks can be recorded by three different mechanisms:-First, iron-titanium oxide minerals in basalt and other igneous rocks may preserve the direction of the Earth's magnetic field when the rocks cool through the "Curie temperature" for those minerals. (The Curie temperature of magnetite, is about 580°C).In a completely different process, magnetic grains in sediments may align with the magnetic field during or soon after deposition.In a third process, magnetic grains may be deposited from a circulating solution, or be formed during chemical reactions, and may record the direction of the magnetic field at the time of the mineral's formation.

What are 2 long term and short term effects of an eruption?

There will be many problems... may the force be with u or mybe not he said in a dreamy voice

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