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Q: What are the problems associated with discovering who the ideal virtuous person is?
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What is a virtuous person?

a person who is morally correct

What is the meaning of virtues?

A virtuous person is one who has the quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong. A person who loves his neighbor is said to be virtuous person. A person who tells the truth, is friendly and happy is said to have virtuous qualities,

What does Hurst House believes that a virtuous person would never do?

Hursthouse believes that a virtuous person would never:

The Latin root virtus means good. A virtuous person is most likely a person who?

The Latin root virtus means good a virtuous person is most likely a person who acts well.

The Latin root virtus means good A virtuous person is most likely a person who?

The Latin root virtus means good a virtuous person is most likely a person who acts well.

What is the meaning of vertious?

Vertious is a common misspelling of the word virtuous. A person who has high moral standards is considered virtuous. Some synonyms for virtuous are pure, good, ethical, and principled.

What is ego status?

The ego status refers to the cognitive and behavioural problems that is associated with a person.

Who is a virtuous person?

A virtuous person is some one who is chaste and moraly clean! Any one who is virtuous seems to have a certain glow about them and in case you wondering no, you do not have to be perfect or part of a certain religion to be a beautiful virtuos person! If you are trying your hardest to be a virtuos person even if your not doing to good in the eyes of others if you truly are trying your hardest and you repent here and there you truly are virtuos in the eyes of god!

Whats the definition of rightous?

(of a person or conduct) morally right or justifiable; virtuous.

Are you a virtue person?

I am a human. Sometimes I am virtuous and sometimes I'm rather devilish.

How do you determine what counts as virtuous behavior?

The proper definition of Virtuous behavior is to have or show virtue, especially moral excellence: lead a virtuous life. A place to start with developing this behavior is to practice the golden rule. Jesus' admonition to, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." In my opinion, to practice this principle is the foundation of having a virtuous behavior. To determine what would count as virtuous behavior, you would want to know the character of the person. Essentially virtuous behaviors are the actions, which are wholesome; which produce well-being for the person performing them and for those who are affected. I believe this would be the same for most all people.

Can a virtuous person be a serial killer?

No they can't. Virtuos people don't kill other people.

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