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Q: What are the problems lacking hydroponics in the Caribbean?
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Does hydroponics work?

Hydroponics works about 20-30% better than plants soil growing with less problems. Plants grown in water are less likely to have pest problems.

What kind of plants are grown today using hydroponics?

wheat hydroponics

What is the process of Hydroponics?

Growing plants in aquatic medium is called hydroponics

Why isn't soil required for plant growth hydroponics?

because of hydroponics

What are the problems facing ECOWAS?

1. extension of railways to countries lacking there of

From where could hydroponics lighting be purchased from?

Hydroponics lighting can be purchased from Hydrofarm. They are a wholesaler and manufacturer of hydroponics lighting and equipment. One can visit their website for more information.

Does the backyard hydroponics systerm really work?

Yes, backyard hydroponics really do work.

Where can you get more information on the euro system made by general hydroponics?

From General Hydroponics I should think

What ar the problems facing ecowas organisation?

1. extension of railways to countries lacking there of

How can the size of Caribbean economies create problems for these economies?

by the wind

What are the issues with hydroponics?

Many people dislike hydroponics as they complain that the produce is chemically grown (which it is), and has a watery taste.

Where can i find the best hydroponics supplies?

Usually, you can purchase average quality hydroponics supplies from any local gardening centre. However, if you are looking to the absolute best hydroponics supplies, you should shop at a retailer whos main product is hydroponics. A good website to shop at is