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Start Menu> Shut Down> Shut Down


It's simple. o.o

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with difficulty

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Q: What are the procedures for shutting down Windows XP?
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Cannot shut down - hangs with Shutting down on screen?

There are a huge number of reasons why Windows XP fails on shutdown. Generally it's is caused by a process not terminating as expected during the shutdown procedure. This link leads to a Microsoft technical bulletin which assists in the diagnoses of shutdown problems on Windows XP and is more indepth than can be provided here.

Is windows xp the same as windows xp home?

Windows XP is a general name given to sevearl operating systems released by Microsft in the early 200's. These include: Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, WIndows XP Stater, Windows XP Media Edition, WIndows XP Tablet, Windows XP N, Windows XP K and Windows XP KN

Is Windows Live Mail 2011 available for Windows XP?

No, but you can get Windows Live Mail for Windows XP in Windows Live Essentials for XP.

How do you upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows XP?

Purchase Windows XP

Which windows is best for programming Windows xp or Windows 98?


How do you prepare to upgrade Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition to Windows XP?

By installing Windows XP, with the Windows XP CD that is in case, when you bought it.

Does Windows XP have Qt?

The Qt widget toolkit is not installed by default in Windows XP. Windows applications can use the Qt toolkit in Windows XP, and the QT SDK is available for Windows XP.

Will windows xp games work on windows xp professional?

Of course. It wouldn't be a "Windows XP game" otherwise.

How many versions of Windows XP are there?

There 3 versions which are windows professoinal,home professional and media centre.

Is it Windows 7 or windows XP or Windows 7 gamer edition the best?

windows xp

Which is more popular Windows XP or Ubuntu?

Windows XP.

Will Windows XP drivers work on Windows XP?