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color, flexiblity, movement,

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Q: What are the properties of a living cell?
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Is oxygen living?

No,smallest thing showing living properties is the cell.

What are the properties of a virus?

Non-living Can't produce energetic without a host cell

Why are virus considered alive?

They are not alive and should not be considered to be alive. They are hijackers. Once they get attached to the cell of a living cell, they can take it over and "make" the living cell produce virus particles instead of cell parts.These particles can assemble into more viruses and then they break out of the cell (killing it) and begin the process again. They cannot make more viruses on their own. By definition of living organisms, they do not fit.

What are the properties of living organisms?

# Can reproduce # Grows and develops # Adapts to the environment # Is composed of a cell, or many cells. # Metabolism

What are the properties of all living organisms?

At which level do the properties of living organisms emerge

What are the physical properties of a plant cell?

the physical properties of a plant cell is jeez

What is the scientific theory behind cell theory?

The scientific theory behind cell theory is that it explains the fundamental properties of all cells. The cell is the basic unit of all living organisms.

Is a cell living?

Yes, cell is living.

Is a cell living or nonliving?

It is a living cell.

Cell communication correlates with properties of living things being able to what?

Cell communication is the process by which a cell detects and responds to signals in its environment. Most single-celled organisms can perceive changes in nutri

What is the living substance of a cell?

the living substance in a cell

Is a prokaryotic cell living or nonliving?

It is a living cell.

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