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What are the properties of a living cell?

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color, flexiblity, movement,

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Is oxygen living?

No,smallest thing showing living properties is the cell.

What are the properties of a virus?

Non-living Can't produce energetic without a host cell

Why are virus considered alive?

They are not alive and should not be considered to be alive. They are hijackers. Once they get attached to the cell of a living cell, they can take it over and "make" the living cell produce virus particles instead of cell parts.These particles can assemble into more viruses and then they break out of the cell (killing it) and begin the process again. They cannot make more viruses on their own. By definition of living organisms, they do not fit.

What are the properties of living organisms?

# Can reproduce # Grows and develops # Adapts to the environment # Is composed of a cell, or many cells. # Metabolism

What is the scientific theory behind cell theory?

The scientific theory behind cell theory is that it explains the fundamental properties of all cells. The cell is the basic unit of all living organisms.

What are the properties of all living organisms?

At which level do the properties of living organisms emerge

What are the physical properties of a plant cell?

the physical properties of a plant cell is jeez

Is a cell living?

Yes, cell is living.

What is the living matter of the cell?

living matter of the cell is protoplasm

Is a prokaryotic cell living or nonliving?

It is a living cell.

What is the living substance of a cell?

the living substance in a cell

Why does a rock not apply to the cell theory?

It doesn't have all the properties that living things have. They don't reproduce or eat or move away from a negative stimulus.

Is a virus a living thing or nonliving thing Is a virus a living thing why?

Viruses are not considered "alive" because they lack many of the properties that scientists associate with living organisms. Primarily, they lack the ability to reproduce without the aid of a host cell, and don't use the typical cell- division approach to replication.

Is a nucleus a living cell?

No but a nucleus is in every living cell

Can a single living cell not be a living organism?

All living things are organisms. There is no such thing as a living cell that is not an organism.

What best describes a living cell a cell complex b living organism c building block d all and why?

A living cell is b living organism because basically the word living cell says it all

What are all living materials in a cell?

living materials in a cell are stuff

What can a virus do when it is another living cell?

it eats the cells of that living cell

What a difference between living and dead cell?

Living cell continue its metabolic activities but dead cell can't continue the metabolic activity. Living cell can multiple but dead cell can't

Is virus a living thing?

it is called non living when it is present outside the host living cell and it is called living when it is present in the living cell

What are the living and non living organelles of a cell?

There is no way to say that any part of a cell is living or non-living. Of course, each different type of cell have different parts, but mostly include a cell wall, nucleus and cell membrane.

Why do you call cell living things?

Every cell is a living thing. The cell is the basic unit of structure and function of all living things.

Can a single cell be a living organism?

A single cell can be a living organism in prokaryote. All bacteria are single cell with all their living activities

Can a living cell come from a not living?

No living cell can come from a non-living thing. No living thing of any kind can come from a non-living thing.

What does the cell theory ' state?

Cell Theory has 3 different properties to it. The theory states that all living things have cells, cells can only come from other cells, and the basic units of life are cells.