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What are the pros and cons of Tae Kwon Do?

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Pros: Any good and proper Martial Arts practice will strengthen the mind and body when taught correctly, and followed diligently. The body will become more flexible and coordinated and a person will better know how and when to defend themselves. Taekwondo is one of the most common martial arts in the US and schools can be found in many towns, which make it very flexible if you are moving around. Genuine Taekwondo utilizes a full curriculum of striking, throwing, and holding, and is not limited to just kicks. However, when the kicks are used, they become the most powerful, and destructive techniques of unarmed combat. In addition, Taekwondo experts are equally effective and deadly with hand strikes, knees, and elbows for close range fighting. The ground-fighting is also not absent in traditional Taekwondo like many people believe. Ground-fighting tactics differ in Taekwondo, and preference is placed on releases, escapes, joint manipulations, and close range striking, but joint locks, holds, and chokes are also part of the curriculum.

Cons: As far as a "con" of Taekwondo, keep in mind that many people have their own opinions, but opinions are not facts. Just because certain individuals who look at Taekwondo from the outside have little to no actual knowledge of the art, or have had bad experiences with poor instruction, and failed to defend themselves effectively with their limited knowledge of Taekwondo, does not mean that Taekwondo itself is flawed. The only real negative thing about Taekwondo is that many people are falsely imitating the art, and opening schools without proper education as certified Black Belts or obtaining special training as Instructors. If a person is studying at a so-called Taekwondo school, but is not learning the throwing, grappling and ground-fighting skills associated with Taekwondo, then they are not learning the complete Taekwondo curriculum. If someone thinks that the greater emphasis on ground fighting in systems like Judo, or Jujutsu is superior to Taekwondo, then their "opinion" is not supported by any sound evidence. Furthermore, the popularity of the sport aspect of Taekwondo (which does not accurately represent the complete Martial Art of Taekwondo) causes some people to experience training that is only geared toward tournament rules. Also, modern family oriented clubs tend to tone down the training for moms, dads, and their kids, which results in the next generation of so-called "Black Belts" thinking they are qualified to teach the art of Taekwondo. None of this is really a negative attribute of Taekwondo itself, but reflects on the image of Taekwondo, and speaks to the deterioration of quality when teaching Taekwondo in '''some''' schools. The fact is that Taekwondo continues to be an effective and formidable Martial Art when taught correctly, and the only "con" is that too many schools do not teach Taekwondo correctly. [note: contributors here who wish to express their "opinions" and personal experiences with their own Taekwondo training limitations should do so on the discussion page]

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What does tae kwon do literally mean?

The name Tae Kwon Do, means - tae - "to stomp, trample", kwon -"fist" -, and do - "way, discipline"

What are the qualifications to be in the Tae Kwon Do Olympics?

#1 learn Tae Kwon Do

Does tae kwon do originate from BUDDHISTS?

Tae kwon do originates from Korea.

When was Action Tae Kwon Do created?

Action Tae Kwon Do was created in 1972.

When was Kwon Tae-Man born?

Kwon Tae-Man was born in 1941.

What is TKD stand for in Tae Kwon Do?

TKD stands for Tae Kwon Do. T stands for Tae (kick). K stands for Kwon (punch). D stands for Do (way).

When did Lauren Burns start Tae Kwon Do?

she started Tae Kwon Do when she was 6 because of her brother

Where can you buy good tae kwon do clothes?

Go find a local Tae kwon do class

What is a Tae Kwon Do arena called?

a tae kwon-do arena or gym is called a dojang

When was Ha Tae-kwon born?

Ha Tae-kwon was born in 1975.

When was Tae Kwon Do Times created?

Tae Kwon Do Times was created in 1980.

Who introduced Tae Kwon Do to the US?

Jhoon Rhee brought Tae Kwon Do to the U.S. in 1956.

In what country did Tae Kwon Do originate?

Tae Kwon Do originated from Korea and is thought to be the oldest form of Korean Martial Arts. Tae Kwon Do combines self defence and combat techniques.

When was Kwon Sun-Tae born?

Kwon Sun-Tae was born on 1984-09-11.

What is the highest degree black belt in tae kwon do?

The highest black belt degree in tae kwon do is the 10th degree black belt. This is reserved for the founder or president of the tae kwon do association.

Does tae-kwon-do originate in Korea Japan or neither?

tae-kw-on do was originated in Korea

Is tae kwon do for girls?

Yes. Tae Kwon Do is popular for both girls and boys in South Korea and in the US.

When was Tae Kwon Do first considered a sport?

i prefer not to consider Tae Kwon-Do a sport, Rather a way of life.but the awnser to your question can be two things. tae kwon do was first invented on April 11th 1955, but the ITF (international tae kwon do federation) was founded march 22nd 1966

If you are nine and overweight is tae kwon - do the sport for you?

First off tae kwon do is not a sport so don't call it that. Second yes if you sign up for quality tae kwon do lessons you can lose weight.

Is tae kwon do a hobby?

tae kwon do is a hobbie and if you say it's not your dumb by: an anonymous dumb and stupid unknown human:))

When were the Olympic Tae Kwon Do events held?

The Olympic Tae Kwon Do events were held August 20th-23rd, 2008.

Does Duke offer Tae Kwon Do scholarships?

The Only college that offers a scholarship is the University of Colorado. They offer tae kwon do.

What is the difference between tae kwon do and karote?

Basically, the biggest difference between Tae Kwon Do and Karate is that Tae Kwon Do is more focused on foot techniques (about 60%-70%) and Karate is focused more on hand techniques.

Does Jackie Chan do Tae Kwon Do?

Yes he does know Tae Kwan Do

What is taekvando?

It is a misspelling of Tae Kwon Do.