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I think you are asking about above-ground, versus a concrete inground. In ground:PROS:Nice looking, more durable/not very suceptable to damage or UV detioration (except for ground shift). Last many years (30+, if maintained well and in good soil) CONS: Expenseive to build. Expensive to repair. Permanent. Ground shifting, as with clay soils, cn cause structural damage. You are stuck with the design/style you have. Above ground:PROS: Cost less. Easy to put up. Easy to take down. Easy/inexpensive to get the latest style/features CONS: Some people consider them tacky compared to inground. More subject to damage and UV deterioration. Do not last very many years(3-5) I have inground gunite pool. I like the look of it, but if I were starting from scratch I would probably opt for an above-ground pool. == == Pros: don't have to deal with walls cracking, easier to install and cheaper, easier to clean since it has a smooth surface, quicker to install. Cons: can't let your animals swim on it for they might scratch the liner, can be subject to puncture and locating it could be hard.

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Q: What are the pros and cons of an inground pool kit vs concrete?
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