What are the qualifications for becoming a Navy SEAL?

This is the current qualification requirements list Navy Special Warfare Operators (SO's),

as the SEAL's are now officially called. Yes, I think it sucks too.

Though these are the basic requirements, the primary requirement is mental tenacity - the SEAL's want people who will not give up no matter what, and can work well both individually and with a team. The Navy can teach you what you need to know, but not everyone can hang tough mentally and refuse to quit when things are so bad you think you can't go on. You cannot teach that - you either have that quality or you don't.

ASVAB Score Requirement: GS+MC+EI=165 or VE+MK+MC+CS=220

Security Clearance Requirement: You must be able to pass a Background Investigation for a Secret clearance. Other Requirements * Must be U.S. citizen * Under current U.S. Law, only Males are accepted for the Teams. * Vision no worse than 20/40 in one eye and 20/70 in the other eye, correctable to 20/20 * Must have normal color perception. Why? It's hard to set or disarm a bomb if you can't tell what color the wires are. This requirement is also mandatory for any Electronics career field. * Must meet physical requirements per Naval Medical Manual. * No history of drug abuse. * Criminal History (except minor traffic violations) require a waiver. This typically means Misdemeanors and other minor scrapes. If you're a Felon, forget it - you won't pass the BI for a Secret Clearance anyway.

* Must be under age 29. * Must be a Volunteer

Applicants must meet the following Initial Physical Fitness Requirements as per the following course: 500 yard swim in 12:30

10 minute rest

42 pushups in 2 minutes

2 minute rest

50 situps in 2 minutes

2 minute rest

6 pull ups (no time limit)

10 minute rest

1.5 mile run in 11:30