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What are the ramifications of using the wrong antifreeze in a 2000 Beetle?


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The wrong anti-freeze could cause the water to freeze in the engine. The wrong anti-freeze could cause abnormal corrosion in the radiator.

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Volkswagen or any other vehicle shouldn't use any antifreeze. If any car is using antifreeze something is wrong.

Lack of antifreeze or wrong mix of antifreeze and water.

You spelled "beetle" wrong.

You can not. The two cars are completely different...the New Beetle has the engine at the wrong end. The New Beetle is bigger than the Old.

You probably used the wrong type of antifreeze. You should use the type for aluminum heads.

pizza beatle spelling is wrong it is beetle.aaliya ahamed

Manual says GM1825M can't seem to find out much more. If it's orange don't add tap water as dexcool is very sensitive to a few things. Premix or 50/50 deionized. If you flushed it you should be ok make sure no trapped air. Phone service center at dealers to be sure. 2004 Optra Sedan 2.0L L4 L34 was made in Canada. Very confusing. I think it's a Daewoo and GM hybrid. Inline 4 with 16 valve D-Tec DOHC 1998cc with a fuel injected throttle body looks like a carburater. Engine is U20SED or GM Family II / Ecotec II throw a Z in there too. The suzuki forenza is close and the reno and apparently the verona.

If you use the Honda brand, you will not go wrong.

A Chevy Cavalier can use standard, all-purpose antifreeze, so it's unlikely that the wrong kind was put in. However, if it is not diluted properly and the antifreeze is mixed with more than 50 percent water, the engine can overheat under some circumstances.

I would recommend you drain it out, flush the system, and install the correct green coolant that Ford recommends. Using the wrong coolant can damage parts.

dont depend in the intenet. it might give you a wrong answer.

Can you be more specific? what's wrong with it?

You haven't even told us what's wrong with it

Wrong mixture make sure you have pre diluted/mixed coolant/antifreeze.

You have to take it to a dealer. Something about you can fry the computer if you do it wrong.

It depends on if you see the antifreeze leaking or it is just disappearing. If it is just disappearing then a bad head gasket or cracked head may be the problem. The smoking could actually be vaporized antifreeze. If that is the case don't run it until you can get it fixed.

there might be a leak some where in a coolant line. or maybe you have a leak in your radiator.

Blown headgasket or an idiot pouring oil in the wrong hole.

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