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Q: What are the relationship between tourism planning and tourism development?
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What is the relation between tourism planning and tourism development?

Tourism planning is the planning how to implement it. After implementation development is done.

Relation between tourism planning and tourism development?

ourism Planning is planning to attract Tourist somewhere. evelopment is making more for Tourist and making more attractions.

What is the relation of tourism planning to tourism development?

Development produces the facilities the tourists will use. Planning tells you where these will be best located and how big they need to be.

What is tourism planning and development?

Check on the internet.

What are the importance of tourism planning and development?

Many towns rely on tourism as a driving force for their local economy. Â However, without proper planning a rapidly expanding tourism industry can create unexpected problems for the area. In order to manage the growth in a direction that will benefit the area tourism planning and development is vital.

Who is the key players of tourism planning and development?

I believe it would be the tourism public agency, the private sector and organizations that will help promote the tourism of the country.

What are the five levels of tourism planning?

The five levels of tourism planning are:InternationalNationalRegionalSub-regionalFacility or site

What is the different between contemporary approach to tourism planning?

And what?

What is the relationship of travel and tourism?

the realionship between the organisation in the travel and tourism.

Definition of tourism planning?

planning the tourism

What is tourism planning and what is it for?

kinds of tourism planning

What is the relationship between tourism and leisure?