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Jason's Unlucky Day 25 Years After Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter - 2009 V was released on:

USA: 16 June 2009

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Friday 13th jasons surname?

It's Voorhees.

What was Jasons last name in Friday the 13th?

Jason Voorhees

What is the best Friday the 13 facts?

Friday the thirteenth only happens once a year, it's jasons birthday, and it has to fall on the 13th and a Friday(at the same time!!!!!)

What are the release dates for The Redemption of the Jasons - 1915?

The Redemption of the Jasons - 1915 was released on: USA: 8 June 1915

What is Jasons last name in crystal lake?

In the Friday the 13th movies, Jason's last name is Vorhees.

Is water Jasons weakness?

well people are saying water is jJason weakness my dad told me that water is not jasons weakness well he else said Jason gust don't like water. and in Friday the 13th Jason swims under a conoe until the water starts on fire weird right that is why i think water is not jasons weakness

What are the hit movies of 2009 so far?

No mans land:revenge of the reeker. jonas bonus jaws 12 friday the 13 jasons rocket ship to the moon

What are the release dates for Young Hercules - 1998 Keeping Up with the Jasons 1-8?

Young Hercules - 1998 Keeping Up with the Jasons 1-8 was released on: USA: 25 September 1998

Where can nickel be mined?

AT Jasons house

What is the name of Jasons ship?


Who was Jasons wicked uncle?


What does an artist do after tattooing?

after he likes jasons but

What is jasons job in jasons gold?

His job is to find his brothers. While jasons was going to ask the brothers he was going to the gold rush he was told his brothers left for the gold rush. His journey was very brutal ending up with no gold

Who is Jasons mom is Jason and the Argonauts?


What is jasons real name from gavin and Stacey?

its yoyo

In Jasons gold how did king die?

He was killed by a bear.

Jada Pinkett Smith starred in Jasons?


What does Jasons face looks like?

Ugly and deformed.

What was the goal of Jason?

Jasons goal was to get the Golden Fleece.

Who was Jasons wicked uncle in mythology?

His uncle is Pelias

Who is Jasons evil uncle in the movie Jason and the argonauts?


What was Jasons fate?

the mast of the argo broke and fell and killed him.

Who is Hera in the lost hero?

The goddes who stole Jasons memory

Who is Jasons girlfriend in the son of neptune?

he doesnt have a gilfriend yet.

Who are Jasons dolleys parents?

Larry and Michelle Dolley. <3