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The most recent information available for religions in Belarus is dated 1997.

According to the CIA World factbook, the main religions in Belarus are Eastern Orthodox 80%, while the other 20% is made up of Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim. Most Belorussians follow Orthodox Christianity.

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Q: What are the religions in Belarus?
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What are the religions that are practiced in Belau rs?

Christianity, especially Eastern Orthodox, as well as other religions. The president of Belarus sometimes persecutes Christianity though. He is known to have been a fan of Hitler in the past, which is strange, because a huge amount of people were killed by the Nazis in Belarus during the holocaust. The president does not reflect the views of the people of Belarus.

Do the people of belarus believe in jesus?

The people of Belarus follow a variety of religions, and some follow no religion at all, just like in the United States and other countries.The largest religion in Belarus is Eastern (Russian) Orthodox, but there are also Catholic, Protestant, and Muslim communities, as well as non-religious people.

What is the port of Belarus?

There are no ports in Belarus because Belarus is a landlocked country.

Is Belarus a Country?

Yes. Belarus is a country.

Is Belarus in Europe?

Yes, Belarus is in Europe.

What is the government of belarus like?

Belarus is a dictatorship.

Is Belarus a Baltic state?

No, as Belarus is landlocked.

Is Belarus in Asia or Europe?

Belarus is in Europe.

What continent can be found in Belarus?

There isn't a continent in Belarus. Belarus is a county in a continent. That continent is Europe.

Is Belarus a sea?

No. Belarus is a country in eastern Europe.

Is Belarus apart of Russia?

Belarus - an independent state.

Which continent is Belarus located on?

Belarus is in eastern Europe.

What are the port cities in Belarus?

None. Belarus is landlocked.

What kind of government does Belarus have?

Belarus is a Presidential Republic.

Does Belarus border an ocean?

Belarus is a landlocked country.

Is Belarus a country or state?

Belarus is a country in Europe.

What country was Belarus in?

Belarus was formerly part of the USSR.

What are the political systems in Belarus Europe?

Belarus is a dictatorship.

Which hemisperes for belarus?

Belarus is in the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres.

Is Belarus in NATO?

Belarus is not a member country of NATO.

In which hemisphere is Belarus in northern or southern?

Belarus is in the northern hemisphere.

On what continent is the country of Belarus?

Belarus is located on the European continent.

What is the state tree in Belarus?

Belarus, as of present, does not have a national tree.

Who is the current leader of belarus?

the president of belarus is alexander lukashenks

Who is the leader of Belarus?

The leader of Belarus is President Alexander Lukashenko.