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The requirements vary according to which school you are applying. has a list of the various schools and each school should have a list of requirements for acceptance.

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Q: What are the requirements for being accepted to Harvard University?
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What does Harvard University university specialize in?

Harvard University specializes in being a lawyer or a judge as a career

What does Harvard university specialize in?

Harvard university specializes in being a lawyer or a judge as a career

What is the difference between being accepted and being admitted to a college?

From it says: "admitted: an offer for admission accepted: an affirmative response"

I'm looking into attending Harvard, where should I look?

Information about enrolment to Harvard is about one hundred and seventy-four times as easy as being accepted to Harvard. Naturally, the Harvard website answers ALL of your questions about how to fulfill your wish to attend there. Be updated on your grades, transcripts and programs that you may wish to enter. Be realistic about their requirements and what you possess for such.

What are the requirements for admission to Harvard Business School?

Requirements for admission to Harvard Business School has no specifics on how to gain acceptance to the school. However, being smart or being a community-minded leader or both have an advantage over the average person applying.

Is Boston University an impressive school to get accepted to?

If being "an impressive school to get accepted to" means that people saw, "Oh, Wow!" merely on hearing that you have been accepted, the way they might with Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc., then no, BU is not an impressive school to get accepted to. It is, however, a quality school with a national reputation in many areas.

What do you to do to get into Harvard university?

good grades and lots of community work also being diverse and not just a typical straight a student

Can you enter Harvard University with being in IB?

Of course you can enter Harvard University with the International Baccalaureate diploma providing of course your grades are sufficiently high. I believe you need a 7 in all high level courses and 6 in standard level courses.

Are the Profs at Harvard University personable?

Most academic personnel are friendly/approachable and used to conversation from constantly being around people. It's their job!

What is the acceptance rate at Harvard Westlake School?

In 7th grade, Harvard-Westlake only accepts 220 students. On average, around 1 out of 5 gets accepted. If you are applying for financial aid, however, the chances of being accepted are about 1 in 7. Harvard-Westlake accepts very few, if any, 8th graders, and only because of foreign exchange programs, or other special instances. 9th grade is the next opportunity to apply. In 9th grade, around 70 new students are accepted into the Harvard-Westlake family. H-dub is a very competitive school. For more information, go to

What are the requirements for a student to receive an Apple computer discount?

The requirements for a student to receive an Apple computer at a discount include being enrolled in a university or school. Teaching staff and professors working for a university and school are also eligible for student discounts.

Can a high school student who is doing online apply for a 4 year university?

People can apply for a university place if they have the qualifications needed to be accepted for the university courses being offered. How you get these qualification does not matter (provided you do not cheat or get the qualifications by fraud).

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