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3.7 GPA in state. 4.2 GPA out of state. High SAT.

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Q: What are the requirements for getting into UCLA?
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What does your sat score have to be to get into UCLA?

The SAT requirements for UCLA are: Reading 560 to 680, Math 600 to 760 and Writing 590 to 710. However, there are other admission requirements to get into UCLA.

What do you need in order to graduate from UCLA?

Each program of study has requirements particular to itself. Look at the major and you can find the requirements right on the UCLA official web site.

What is the minimum course requirements for admission in UCLA?


What are the subject requirements to enter UCLA?

the subject is that u have to have good grades

What are the chances of someone getting into ucla out of 100 students?


What are the entry requirements of UCLA?

one must always look their best and smell really good almost famous

What are the GPA and SAT requirements to get into UCLA USC and NYU?

go to you'll find evrything you need there

What are the minimum academic requirements of UCLA?

you need like around 3.5-3.9 but at the lowest 3.5 probably that won't even cut it

Admission requirements for UCLA?

UCLA has several specific requirements that must be met by potential applicants. Specifically, they need to have 4 years of math and English courses, 3 years of laboratory sciences, 3 years of foreign languages, and 1 year of visual arts courses. Additionally, they need at least a 3.0 GPA if they are CA residents.

What classes do you have to take if you want to be a doctor and want to go to UCLA What are the requirements for you to do that?

i really want to know this, but obviously no one knows...

What is UCLA?

UCLA is a University in California.

What is the population at UCLA?

What is the population at UCLA

What is the original name for UCLA?

Ucla -_-

Who is the mascot for UCLA?

The UCLA's mascot the bear known as the Bruin. The Bruin is UCLA's mascot.

What are the credit requirements for UCLA?

you have to have at minimum of 1000000000000000000000 credits to attend this great college of perfection you have to have at minimum of 1000000000000000000000 credits to attend this great college of perfection

What university is bigger UCLA or usc?


What majors does ucla have?

ucla has animal science

What is ucla motto?

What's UCLA's motto/

Does ucla have cheerleaders?

Yes, UCLA has cheerleaders.

What is the UCLA website?

UCLA's website is

Hawaii vs Ucla who won?


Is UCLA a religious school?

is ucla religion

When was UCLA founded?

I believe UCLA was founded in 1919.

What is the population in Ucla?

The student population for UCLA is 39,650.

What are UCLA's colors?

UCLA's colors are blue and gold.

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