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Generally, as with most cars, the only requirement is having the money to pay for one. However, in the case of the rarer models like the Enzo - Ferrari need to 'approve' you to own one. This means submitting a resume (specifically listing all the cars you have owned) and meeting with Ferrari managers. If they are convinced you will be a fit owner - then they will accept you money and hand you the keys.

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Q: What are the requirements to buy a Ferrari?
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Where does Ferrari buy their parts for manufacturing their cars?

Ferrari purchases materials and everything is made by ferrari or a ferrari subsidary

Lamborghini vs Ferrari?

if you want to be somebody, you'll buy a ferrari but if you are somebody, you'll buy a lamborghini.

What is the fastest car Ferrari made?

The fastest that anyone can buy is the Enzo Ferrari.

What is better lamborghini or Ferrari?

I think: FERRARI IS BETTER THAT LAMBORGHINI BY MILES! However, the answer may vary, depending on who you ask, but most people who I asked said that they liked Ferrari better, so if you are looking to buy one, buy a Ferrari!

Was red the original Ferrari colour?

i advise u to buy a ferrari with pink paint

Where can you buy a ferrari?

at ferrari dealerships.try or put in ferrari then model or they are mostly in italy, lebanon or in the U.S. (california and florida)

How do you get the Ferrari on DT racing?

well you can buy it

Where can you buy a Ferrari car?

There are several Ferrari dealerships across the US.,Italy, and other parts of Europe. Some in the US. include Ferrari of Sillocon Vally in CA and Ferrari of Minniapolas in MN.

How much does gas cost for a Ferrari?

If you are asking for gas cost, you should not be thinking of Ferrari. Buy Honda Civic. If you have money to buy Ferrari it means money is no consideration to you. Ferrari is not for commuting to work or groceries. The money you will spend for insurance is more than the money you will ever spend on gas.

Where can I buy a ferrari body kit for a Daewoo Lanos?

No where.

Can you by a Ferrari enzo?

You can't buy a BRAND NEW one, but you CAN buy a USED Ferrari Enzo. If you want one, search Ferrari Enzo for sale on google. # According to Top Gear, I think they said that you have to be picked by Ferrari to have a new one, but I think they are all gone (that they are going to sell). Hope This Helps!

Where can you buy Ferrari?

Shares in Ferrari, or more specifically 'Fiat S.p.A' can be purchased through your broker - in any country. Alternatively, if you meant a Ferrari, then this would depend on where you live, naturally.

Where can one take a test drive for a Ferrari?

One can take a test drive for a Ferrari at a local Ferrari dealership. If one is interested in buying a Ferrari, the dealers will be welcome to give one a test drive to see if they want to buy it or not.

Is it cheaper to buy a Ferrari in francs than in us dollars?


How do you buy a Ferrari?

You buy a ferrari by going to a dealership or private seller, giving them a lot of money and taking it home. I just bought a ferrari f40 last year and it cost me a lot but it was worth it. Now it sits in my garage with my enzo f50 and mclaren f1. Takashi

What are all the different types of Ferrari's?

Ferrari 456 GT, Ferrari Dino, Ferrari F40, Ferrari 360, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari 612 Scaglitti, Ferrari California, Ferrari 458, Ferrari 599, Ferrari F430, Ferrari 330, Ferrari Testarossa, Ferrari 400, Ferrari Mondial, Ferrari 348, Ferrari 550, Ferrari 430, Ferrari 365, Ferrari 328, Ferrari F355, Ferrari 308.

Ferrari cars where can you buy them?

Most major cities in the US have dealerships

How much does a ferrari F430 cost to buy in the US?

$150,000 to $280,000

Most Ferrari cars in the US?

all of them you can buy in the usa idiot

How can you make a 1998 Plymouth neon faster?

Sell it and buy a ferrari!!

Where can one buy a Ferrari 575 online?

Currently Ferrari dealerships do not offer the official sale of their cars online. To buy a Ferrari 575 online one would need to locate an individual selling the pre-owned model through the use of a personal ad or car selling website.

Does a pilot rich or Can a pilot buy luxury car such as ferarri?

Yes, pilots do rich or can buy ferrari but not both.

How do you get the ferrari f2007 in Gran Turismo for the psp?

You have to buy it, 8 000 000cr

Do you buy everything separate for a Ferrari?

i have 4 ferraris in the 4 of my 9 houses

How much does a Ferrari car cost in Australia?

Approx $10,000,000,000,000,000,000, but depends which kind of Ferrari you want to buy. I have one which costed me around 1.36985245 * 10^5000000000