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What are the risks of becoming a surgeon?

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Well, as most of the physicians and doctors said, there is no surgery without risks. This particularly involves surgeons too, there's no perfect surgeon in the world without risks. Surgeons therefore need to be risk taking, and here are some risks associated in becoming a surgeon-

*surgery isn't a profession most people could handle- therefore it requires a person's guts to do surgery (surgery as you know involves cutting, stitching and may stopping a person's heart but stopping the heart depends on which surgery a surgeon performs for e.g cardiovascular surgery)

* a surgeon may be sued if his or her patient dies.

* when you're a surgeon, you may spend a lot of time in the operation room- therefore this causes surgeons stress. Becoming a surgeon also means to make every operation as a part of your life.

* Becoming a surgeon means a lot of stress and concentration- lack of concentration can involve surgery dangers.

But let me tell you, majority of the doctor professions are NOT without risks. Becoming a surgeon may be intimidating and scary, but let me assure you that it is worth it and it is very fun. As you know, no pain equals no gain.

Even if there is risks attached to becoming a surgeon, at the end of the day it is worth it to become a surgeon.

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What are the risks with a myomectomy?

The risks of a myomectomy performed by a skilled surgeon are about the same as hysterectomy (one of the most common and safest surgeries).

Is a vascular surgeon more qualified than a cardiac surgeon?

no, because operating on the heart is more critical and harder there are more risks and such.

Where in Australia can you train for becoming a pediatric surgeon?

University of Sydney

What are some risks of becoming an artist?

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Could you use surgeon in a sentence?

The surgeon was one of the most experienced in the hospital.When I grow up I want to be a surgeon.Since becoming a surgeon he had moved on from 'Operation' and now preferred 'Hungry Hungry Hippos'.

How do you know you will be right to become a surgeon?

If you are hardworking, dedicated, and good with your hands, then you should have no problem becoming a surgeon. need not have brains!!

What is the requirements for becoming a plastic surgeon in South Africa?

skin people.

Disadvantages of becoming a surgeon?

you could make a mistake and kill the person.

What classes do you have to take to become a brain surgeon?

In high school you should take chemistry and biology. (Coming from a person becoming a surgeon)

What are some risks to becoming a FBI?

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What are the risks of uterine fibroid surgery?

Some risks are heavy bleeding and it is something that you should discuss with your physician or your surgeon before you undergo any kind of operation.

What kind of schooling will you need in order to become a surgeon?

8 years of surgical school to become an entry level surgeon, After becoming a doctor.

Could liposuction surgery damage my health?

With every surgery comes certain risks. Some of the risks of liposuction are blood clots, infection, and damage to internal organs. These risks can be minimized by choosing the right surgeon.

What are two health risks that are linked to a high fat diet?

1. Becoming obease 2. Getting health risks

How do you get started on becoming a surgeon?

just cut someone open then suture them together

What are a few of the risks from neck plastic surgery?

There a few risks from any type of surgery. Plastic surgery is not exempt from these risks. There is always a risk that the surgeon could hit a major vein or that the anesthetic could cause death.

What are some of the dangers of becoming a franchisor?

There are many risks when one becomes a franchiser. This includes high upstart costs, commercial property risks and risks associated with personal liability.

Are more or less jobs coming available to be a surgeon?

Becoming a surgeon isn't a job that could be earned with availability Becoming a surgeon is through school and studies also university. There is no surgery job which could have a full place. all areas are available for surgeons to work at after studying university which of course depends on the hospital.

What are the risks of becoming a doctor?

omg you can so catch a desise from one ofyour patients

What are the risks involved in liposuction surgery?

With any surgery there are many risks involved. Specifically with liposuction there is the possibility of blood clots and puncturing organs. The way to avoid this is choosing a good surgeon.

How does one become a reconstructive surgeon?

If one is interested in becoming a reconstructive surgeon, he or she will be required to attend a four year university, then attend medical school and earn their doctorate. After this, one may then apply to become a reconstructive surgeon.

Where can I go to help me select a heart surgeon?

Your doctor knows all about your history and would be aware of most of your risks. They would be the best start to being able to recommend a heart surgeon or specialist.

Is it possible to become a neonatal surgeon without becoming a certified OBGYN?

Yes, one as nothing to do with the other. To become a neonatal surgeon, you first have to do your residency for 5 years as a General Surgeon. After the five years, it takes about 3 years to become a Pediatric Surgeon and then from there you can specialize as a neo-natal surgeon. Hope that this answers your questions:)

Risks involved in becoming pregnant after Depo-Provera?

There are no special risks in getting pregnant after stopping depo provera. There is no need to wait to conceive.

What health and safety risks are due for a heart surgeon?

You can kill someone soooooooooo you have to be very carful hahahaha!! call me baby