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Well, as most of the physicians and doctors said, there is no surgery without risks. This particularly involves surgeons too, there's no perfect surgeon in the world without risks. Surgeons therefore need to be risk taking, and here are some risks associated in becoming a surgeon-

*surgery isn't a profession most people could handle- therefore it requires a person's guts to do surgery (surgery as you know involves cutting, stitching and may stopping a person's heart but stopping the heart depends on which surgery a surgeon performs for e.g cardiovascular surgery)

* a surgeon may be sued if his or her patient dies.

* when you're a surgeon, you may spend a lot of time in the operation room- therefore this causes surgeons stress. Becoming a surgeon also means to make every operation as a part of your life.

* Becoming a surgeon means a lot of stress and concentration- lack of concentration can involve surgery dangers.

But let me tell you, majority of the doctor professions are NOT without risks. Becoming a surgeon may be intimidating and scary, but let me assure you that it is worth it and it is very fun. As you know, no pain equals no gain.

Even if there is risks attached to becoming a surgeon, at the end of the day it is worth it to become a surgeon.

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Q: What are the risks of becoming a surgeon?
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