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Basis consultant should be able to handle the administration part of sap including the installation,configuration and maintenance. Installation includes r/3,nw,nw components,solman etc.. Administration includes user admin,client admin,backup Configuration includes Printer,RFC,STMS etc. Maintenance includes monitoring the servers,background jobs,system performance and avoiding bottlenecks. He is responsible for the system up and running with better performance.

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Q: What are the roles and responsibilities of sap basis consultant?
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What is difference between sap basis consultant and sap basis administrator?

both are same

What are the Major duties and responsibilities of sap technical consultant?

The major duty and responsibility of a SAP technical consultant is to study the technical feasibility of a SAP business requirement and develop custom components that satisfy the client requirement. Along with this a SAP technical consultant needs to develop technical specifications against custom developments and provide technical inputs to functional consultants during design and development.

What is the user management is sap basis?

User management in SAP is Reset password, lock & unlock user, changing user information, profiles, roles etc. Gowthaam

Who is the father of sap basis module?

That now Basis very Well he/She is the father of SAP Basis ...

Which is easy to learn sap basis or sap abap?

Sap abap...

What are the roles and responsibilities of SAP HR Consultant and please differentiate between SAP HR Functional and SAP HR Technical consultants.?

As per my understanding, SAP HR Consultants Role includes the following (in brief ) : 1) Legacy Process Understanding. 2) Identifying the Gaps and Solution Design 3) Requirement Gathering 4) BP Preparation 5) Configuration of the BP including the CR's as and when required 6) Testing ( User Acceptance ) 7) Data Loading 8) Golive Pay run and Post Golive Support Noushad

What is the role of sap fi co support consultant?

Supporting 5 times is calles the sap Fi co support

What is SAP basis used for in business?

In terms of business, SAP Basis is an application that enables companies to implement technology from the SAP company. This covers elements such as installation, configuration, and migration.

Basis in sap?

Hi, The abbrevation of basis is Business Application Software Integrated solution. Basis is a function/module (like Finance, Materials, Quality, Production etc)in SAP. Basis is the Administoring programs which administer the SAP Application. Basis Administrator administers the SAP application using the tools or transactions available under Basis component. Normal functions like creating user, assigning access rights, backup, restore, check the performance are some of the transaction available under Basis component in SAP. Earlier upto SAP version 4.6 there is only basis version available and all other functional component where add ons. From sap version 4.7 Basis is integrated with all other functional module. Hope this helps

You are mca fresher you want to do sap basis?

If you are an MCA fresher and want to do SAP basis, you will not have much of a problem. This is an IT module which will give you wider exposure in server issues.Ê

After bca which course in sap is best suited the university in new delhi?

You have completed your bca. You can do sap at sap authorize education partners like JKT SAP Academy. After BCA sap technical module (sap basis, sap abap ) will be beneficial for you.

What are SAP courses?

SAP stands for System Application Product in Data Processing and sap courses are categorized in to two modules : functional and technical module.SAP functional module courses:SAP SDSAP PPSAP FI/COSAP QMSAP PMSAP technical module courses:SAP ABAPSAP Basis

Sap certification is mandatory to get job as a sap consultant?

No . Its not a mandatory thing for getting a job. But it will add value to our portfolio for selection. SAP certification is bit costly too. Whatever , deep knowledge in subject is the matter.

What is the difference between sap abap and sap basis admin?

ABAP is the programming language used within SAP to customize, generate forms, generate reports, etc. BASIS is the administration module of SAP, used to control code changes, upgrades, network setup, database admin, etc.

Who is reliable sap support consultant for offshore sap development across US?

You can get a list of such SAP support consultants from your local area directory. There is one company I know ArchitectSAP we had interacted with sometime in the past and had good experience.

Salary for sap consultant in chennai?

$1000/- an average for good consultants who are specialized with Training, Consulting and industry knowledge..especially for people with SAP Accounting,IT,Commercial,HR consulting

What are the fees for sap basis course in pune?

1000 rs pr month

Which institute in hyderabad offer sap courses at lowest fee?

HI , You can try at Dimensionality Software Services located at Ameerpet, Green House Building. They have excellent faculties for SAP EP, XI , ABAP , SAP HR and BASIS, SAP NW Administration. Thanks

How can you give up your certification if you are doing an sap abap course from a low valued institute?

You can give up your certification anytime from a low valued institute. But to be a certified consultant you should choose sap authorize education center.

What do you mean by sap crm?

SAP CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool/solution designed by SAP that integrates all the functions of an enterprise with real time data update. Hope this helps. Regards, Abdul Rafey Certified SAP CRM Consultant.

What has the author Gareth De Bruyn written?

Gareth De Bruyn has written: 'Becoming an SAP consultant' -- subject(s): Business, Client/server computing, Computer programs, Electronic data processing consultants, SAP R/3

Which one is best in sap abap and sap functional consultant?

Question is not clear. SAP ABAP deals with programming ( ABAP is a programming language used in SAP ) . SAP functional consultants deals with company functions like Material management, Human resource management, production planning, financial, sales & distribution etc. Both are different, and one can enter into the corresponding fields as per his background and skills.INSTALL SAP ECC6.0 AT REASONABLE RS1500..CONTACT 8296317823..MAIL ME AT

What is CS module in ABAP?

CS Stands for Customer Services. ABAP is a language, therefore has no modules. What you are referrring to is an ABAP consultant who has experience in SAP CS module.

How much should I expect to pay for a SAP consultant?

The pay scale for a SAP consultant van vary greatly on several factors which might include; the different modules one might specialize in, the amount of travel involved by the consultant, the country they are working from, and whether they are from the consulting or end user environment. Based on that varying factors you can expect to pay anywhere between $75,000 and $200,000 for someone who is working on a salaried position. You will probably be looking at a rate upwards of that in a range of $200.000 and $500,000 if they are self employed and have a good skill set.

What are modules in SAP?

There are two types of sap modules :SAP Technical Module - SAP ABAP, SAP BasisSAP Functional Module - SAP HR, SAP FI, SAP CO, SAP SD, SAP PP, SAP MM etc.