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Q: What are the rules to draw a network?
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In a telecommunications network architecture a protocol is?

A protocol is a set of rules that are standard for a telecommunications network. These rules will outline procedures and controls that are in place for the network.

What are the rules of informal network?

If something is informal, it does not have set rules.

How do you draw a person?

There are not rules on how to draw a person. You can literally draw a person in any way that you'd like.

Communication on a network follows rules of communication called network?


What is computer network draw and explain catagiries of computer networking?

diagram and network of computer

What Rules that network devices use to communicate?

A network must use a common language or set of rules to be able to communicate with other networks. These rules are standardized by committee and are an agreed upon set of rules. These rules are known as protocols, and are widely published.

Rules for using the school network?

the rules in the school network are:if you have a wi-fi in your school and you need to register it so that you can use it,report to the principal

How do you draw chowder Cartoon Network?

You could go on and find a tutorial on how to draw Chowder. That site is full of lots and lots of tutorials on how to draw certain things. Cartoon Network have just added some official 'How to Draw' guides, and How to Draw Chowder is included here!

Can you put a draw four card on wild?

No, its against the rules.

What are the Set of formal rules used in describing how to transmit data across a network?

Those are the Standards - an agreed upon set of protocols (rules) to describe network communication.

What is the function of a network protocol?

It standardizes the format or set of rules that a network uses to manage data exchange

Rules that govern the process of network communication are called?