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Go to YouTube and put how to play tetherball

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Q: What are the rules to the game tetherball?
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What are the release dates for Moises Rules - 2009 Supreme Tetherball 1-3?

Moises Rules - 2009 Supreme Tetherball 1-3 was released on: USA: 9 December 2009

Where is a online tetherball game?

um nowhere

How can one player win a tetherball game?

The object of tetherball is to hit the ball and the attached string around a pole for a certain amount of rotations until it can no longer be hit anymore, whoever does that wins.

Is there such thing as tetherball gloves?

Yes, there are tetherball gloves

What is ringball?

Ringball may be another name for the game/sport of Tetherball. The Tetherball usually has a ring built into it so the ball can be tethered (tied) to the top of a pole. A Ring Ball is also a type of piercing jewelry.

How do you you say tetherball in Swedish?

I don't think there is a word for it so you can either use tetherball or make a new word. Tether = Tjuder (from Tjudra) so Tjuderboll would be a literal translation, it doesn't really sound nice though and noone will have a clue what you're talking about so I'd suggest you use Tetherball and then explain the game.

A game that starts with the letter T?

tennis, Twister Tennis, Tag or Tee ball also tetherball

What are the official tetherball rules?

In the rules of tetherball, you are not allowed to touch the rope or the pole. You can touch the ball a second time when it has crossed the line. You not allowed to cross the line or have the ball touch you, the ball can touch only your hands. The judge may call time out when they think one of the players playing has broken the rules, the judge is usually the first person in line and may also call everybody is judge. When everybody is judge, and one person saw something its not out, two people have to call it. You are not allowed to argue with the judge at all, if they call you out then you are out! Also be fair and don't lie when you know your out. The <b>Related Link</b> below shows all of the basic official rules of Tetherball.

How many people can play in a game of tetherball?

Tether ball is a two player game only. Once a player is eliminated then someone else can join in the fun.

What are the release dates for Tetherball The Movie - 2010?

Tetherball The Movie - 2010 was released on: USA: 2011

Is tetherball a sport?


What are the tetherball rules?

In tetherball, possession is everything. Once a good player gets control of the ball, her opponent is in trouble.In the most common rules of tetherball, one player serves, then either player can hit the ball from that point on. Under these rules, the server has an immense advantage. She has complete control of the ball from the start of the game, and if she's an advanced player facing an opponent of equal skill, she should be able to hit the ball over her opponent each time it comes around, wrapping it to win the game without her opponent even touching the ball.The better rule requires the server to wait until either the opponent strikes the ball or the ball has wrapped four times before she can strike the ball again. This actually gives the receiver the advantage, because he gets the first chance at unrestricted control of the ball. His advantage, though, is tempered by the fact that the server can wind the ball at least one wrap in her own direction and use an angled serve to prevent him from getting a clean first hit on the ball. This makes the contest as fair as it can be, although winning one's serving games is still about as rare in advanced tetherball as breaking serve is in advanced tennis.

What is the use of rules in the game?

rules are the point of the game

What are the rules of the card game Golf?

I have a copy of the rules and a mint edition of the game

Is tetherball one word or two?

Tetherball is what you would call a compound word. A compound word is formed when two words which can also stand alone are put together to make one word which has a different meaning. So in a sense, tetherball is one word and two words.

What is the duration of The Rules of the Game?

The duration of The Rules of the Game is 1.77 hours.

What are twenty rules for soccer?

The rules of soccer is called the laws of the game

What are the rules of a game show?

It depends on the game show in question. All game shows have different rules.

When was The Rules of the Game created?

The Rules of the Game was created on 1939-07-08.

Where can you find the official rules of soccer?

Most probably you have to read "Rules of the Game" by FIFA. (Google Rules of the Game to get the PDF)

When was tetherball invented?

about 5 years ago ma'am

Why do you need to follow the rules of Scrabble game?

You need to follow the rules of any game because if there are no rules there's no game.However you can change the rules if everyone agrees before the start of the game.

Why would there be rules in a game?

because there wouldmt be aconcept to a game if there was no rules. there wouldn't be a winner or loser, there even wouldn't be a game to play

What are the rules of the golf card game Kargo?

I have a copy of the rules and a mint edition of the game

What is the theme to Rules of the Game by Amy Tan?

The theme in Rules of the Game is family unity.