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3495 per year

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Q: What are the school fees for Baradene College remuera New Zealand?
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What is the motto of Remuera Intermediate School?

The motto of Manurewa High School is 'A Tradition of Excellence'.

What is high school called in New Zealand?


What is Mission Height Junior College?

it is a school in Manukau city, New Zealand

Where is the Christ College located?

Christ's College is located in New Zealand. It is an independent day and boarding school for males. The college was founded in 1850 and is the oldest independent school in the country.

Where did israel dagg grow up?

I don't know about his primary school but he went to Lindisfarne College. It's a private school in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Where is the smallest school in New Zealand?

Its in Auckland, Panmure. The name of the school is Carey College. It has 28 students and this is both the primary and secondary students .

When was Motueka High School created?

Maniototo Area School was created in 1879.

Where did Craig Kielburger go to high school?

Saint Kentigern College, New Zealand

Where did David Tua do his schooling?

spent his high school years in Otahuhu College, Otahuhu, South Auckland New Zealand

Where is Long Bay College located?

Long Bay College is located at Ashley Avenue on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand. It is a traditional co-educational secondary school opened in 1975.

What is the oldest university in new zealand?

The oldest School in New Zealand is and has always been Te Kareti Weteriana...originally based in three kings Kingsland--- moved to Paerata state high way 22 Pukekohe. Otherwise known for those with no idea....Wesley College..celebrating the 170th very soon.

What was the school leaving age in New Zealand in 1916?

You can leave school in New Zealand in 1916 at the age of sixteen