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Discoverer of the Earth's Inner Core

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What is the area of Inje?

The area of Inje is 1,646.33 square kilometers.

When was Inje University created?

Inje University was created in 1932.

When was Inje - band - created?

Inje - band - was created in 2007.

What is the motto of Inje University?

The motto of Inje University is 'Honesty, Sincerity, and Diligence.'.

What is the contributions of science?

the contribution of science

What is Inje's population?

The population of Inje is 34,120.

What are Galileo's contributions to science?

what hee galileos contributations to science

What are montesquieu's contributions to science?


Contributions of APJ Abdul kalam?

he had many contributions to feild of science and education

What are contributions of nursing theorists to development of nursing science?

nursing theorists and his contributions

How has hellenization left contributions in science education and literature?

The science of logic

What was isaac newtons major contributions to science?

Newton's major contributions to science is the law of gravity, the calculus, the laws of motion and the study of Light.

What was christian hugens contributions to science?

he was an astromiter

What were De Vinci's contributions to science?

it was great

Contribution Aristotle has given to physical science?

what are the contributions of Aristotle to physical science

What are Galileo's contributions to science mathematics and physics?


What was Edward Bouchets contributions to science?

Nothing really...

What were the contributions in ancient Greece?

math, science and philosophy

What were Karl Marx's contributions to political science?


Why is Albert Einstein known?

He is known for his contributions to science

What is Mary e walker's contributions to science?

she cool

What contributions did Orville wright make to science?


What has the author Malcolm Cameron Wilson written?

Malcolm Cameron Wilson has written: 'Aristotle's theory of the unity of science' -- subject(s): Ancient Science, Contributions in methodology, Contributions in ontology, Methodology, Philosophy, Science

What is the Lehman crash?

bankruptcy of lehman brother

What were India's contributions in Science?

There are a number of India's contributions in Science. Some of the common ones include atomism, recognition of the number zero, the decimal system and so much more.