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What are the security issues of Windows Vista?

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January 28, 2007 6:10PM

Microsoft is giving top billing to Vista's new look, easier searching, improved performance and security -- an area where Vista's predecessor, Windows XP, fell on its face. Microsoft is stating Vista is more secure than Windows XP. It's harder for a hacker to infect your PC from a distance. Specific features, such as spyware and virus protection, firewall, user account and parental controls, and automatic security updates, are centralized in the Security Center. Using pop-up messages, the system alerts users of security issues, such as when software is trying to install itself. Some beta testers have complained about the frequent pop-ups, which ask for permission on activities as basic as registering your copy of Vista with Microsoft. The alerts can be turned off. Of course as in previous versions of Windows, there will always be some type of security updates as new types of worms and viruses will end up exploiting the code within Vista. And we'll personally get to test the new security features ourselves when Vista hits the shelves on January 30th.