What are the seven functions of catering?


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  • First Function: Planning-The Basic Catering Management Function
  • Second Function: Operations-Execution of Tasks
  • Third Function: Organizing the Event
  • Fourth Function: Equipment
  • Fifth Function: Implementing
  • Sixth Function: Controlling
  • Seventh Function: Understanding Insurance and Legal

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Catering and hotel management are two different functions of a hotel. Catering is in charge of the food service and food for events. Hotel management is in charge of overall management of the hotel.

The goals of a catering service is to provide large about of food to businesses. They will cater to parties, business functions, and group events.

There are five management functions. Good managers discover how to master five basic functions: planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling.

3 basic types of catering: Event Catering, Industrial Catering, and Event Catering.

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What are the seven functions of management?- planning;- organizing;- staffing;- directing;- coordinating;- reporting;- budgeting.

a catering consultant is a person who is encharge of the catering of a company.

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Catering Management is the management of catering in the hospital

A cold room is a storage facility attached to a catering establishment, such as a restaurant or hotel. It functions like a refrigerator, but is a 'walk-in' facility.

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There are plenty of companies in Texas that offer authentic Texan catering. Companies that offer this service would be; North Texas Catering, G-Texas Catering, and No Worries Catering.

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Mobile Catering is when a catering company goes to a selected venue and caters directly.

There are many things in catering. So there are many things to be trained as an individual catering.So individual catering training is necessary.

The catering industry offers a lot of different types of jobs. First of you could separate catering into 'Business-catering', 'School-catering', 'In flight catering' and 'Catering for Institutions' (hospitals and such). Within these categories, you could apply for a job as chef, cook, waiter, supervisor and so on.

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