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Q: What are the sheep's character foils in animal Farm?
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What is the main commandment in Animal Farm?

The main commandment in Animal Farm is "four legs good, two legs bad" the sheeps didn´t learn to read, due to it the seven commandment was reducet to one.

Whats a sheeps house known as?

barn of farm barn of farm

Who is Mussolini's character in Animal Farm?

there isn't one, "Animal Farm" is mainly about Russia and socialism, Mussolini was a fascist in Italy

Who is the main character of the book Animal Farm?

old major

Which character lost her babies in the book Animal Farm?

The dog :)

Which character represents the Russian middle class in animal farm?


Was napoleon in Animal Farm violent?

Yes, he was a very ruthless character.

What character in Animal Farm represents George Washington?

None. Animal Farm is a story of satire based off of the Russian revolution of Stalin and trotsky.

In the novel Animal Farm which character shares George Orwell's perspective?


Who do snowball represents in Animal Farm?

In Animal Farm the character Snowball is a pig. Snowball challenges Napoleon in order to achieve power and control of the farm. He is smart and very passionate.

Who is the hero in Animal Farm?

Napoleon is the anti-hero of the book Animal Farm. His character is a metaphor for Stalin and the anti-hero gains fame through selfish means.

Who was hated by the animals in Animal Farm?

Snowball (an allegorical character for Trotsky) is the animal hated by the others in George Orwell's Animal Farm. Snowball was framed for being a traitor by Napoleon (an allegorical character for Stalin) and chased off of the farm. Napoleon would then blame any misfortune that occurred on the farm as an act of sabotage by Snowball.