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What are the similarities and differences between down syndrome and Autism?


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October 20, 2011 11:39PM

There's a big difference (I am autistic.) First off: People with Down Syndrome have a physical handicap, and suffer from a genetic disorder that gives them great problems in everyday life, both mental and physical (Although a few can live a life of their own.)

Autism is something completely different. There are different types (Mild, moderate to Severe), whereas the mild form oftenis called "Aspergers Syndrome" (Wich is what some of the greatest men in time suffered from: Albert Einstein, CS Lewis, Bill Gates, Beethoven to name a few), that displays as a normal to higher intelligence than the rest of the population, special interests (E.g Art, music, Computers) and impaired social skills (Often seems arrogant or Cold)

The moderate form of Autism is commonly called "Atypical Autism", wich includes a normal to high IQ, but with some impaired skills (Oftenly impaired social skills and learning disabillities)

The Severe form of Autism includes mental retardation (?) but with some supertalents (Like Rain Man).

Hope that helped you :)