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What are the similarities between Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini?



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Truth is, there aren't that many similarities at all. * Both were veterans of the First World War * Both were wounded in the First World War * Both served as Heads of State in their respective nations. * Both earned power legally, without force. * Both utilized paramilitary forces before power and during their regimes. (Hitler had the Brownshirts, Mussolini had the Blackshirts). * Both were shorter than the average man, though Mussolini was by far more muscular than Hitler. * Both were extraordinary speakers * Both enjoyed appearing in military uniforms. These are some of the similarities, but it should be stressed that, despite these, Hitler and Mussolini were very different men. To be told, while Hitler looked up to Mussolini for the majority of his early political career, Mussolini did not share the same feelings for Hitler. In fact, the first words Mussolini said after meeting Hitler for the first time were; "I don't like him, he looks like a weasel"