What are the similarities between Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini?

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Truth is, there aren't that many similarities at all.
  • Both were veterans of the First World War
  • Both were wounded in the First World War
  • Both served as Heads of State in their respective nations.
  • Both earned power legally, without force.
  • Both utilized paramilitary forces before power and during their regimes. (Hitler had the Brownshirts, Mussolini had the Blackshirts).
  • Both were shorter than the average man, though Mussolini was by far more muscular than Hitler.
  • Both were extraordinary speakers
  • Both enjoyed appearing in military uniforms.
These are some of the similarities, but it should be stressed that, despite these, Hitler and Mussolini were very different men. To be told, while Hitler looked up to Mussolini for the majority of his early political career, Mussolini did not share the same feelings for Hitler. In fact, the first words Mussolini said after meeting Hitler for the first time were; "I don't like him, he looks like a weasel"
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What were the differences and similarities between Adolf Hitler Benito Mussolini and Josef Stalin?

Differences and Similarities Between Adolf Hitler, BenitoMussolini, and Josef Stalin they shared 2 things they were greedy, and murderers! Hitler,Mussolini, and Stalin were all dictators with very differentprinciples. Hitler's principle was the cultural and biologicalsuperiority of the Aryan peoples ( Full Answer )

What were the main differences between Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini?

Benito Mussolini never shared Hitler's obsession in wiping out theJews in Europe. In fact, by 1943, most of Italian Jewry was unaffected and leftalone, compared to what was happening in Germany and elsewhere. Maybe not at first but increasing cooperation with Nazi Germanyculminated in the 1939 Pact ( Full Answer )

How were Stalin Hitler and Mussolini similar?

they were haters They were all dictators. Mussolini and Hitler were fascist dictators and Stalin was a communist dictator they all committed many atrocities in aid of their regimes.

How were Mussolini and Hitler similar?

Mussolini and Hitler Hitler was a fan of Mussolini but he put his own spin on Fascism. Mussolini was fired by his party in Italy and no one in Germany would have dared to try that with Hitler. They were similar in the way that they both wanted to take over a certain country and eventually take ( Full Answer )

To what extent were Adolf Hitler of Germany and Benito Mussolini of Italy responsible for the outbreak of World War 2?

Neither Hitler nor Mussolini wanted World War II to happen, but both men deserve a share of responsibility for causing the war. Italy was, by any measure, a second-rate military power, but still had managed to earn worldwide condemnation for invading Ethiopia in 1935, and for its conduct of the w ( Full Answer )

How did Adolf Hitler influence Benito Mussolini?

Answer . Benito and Adolf did not like each other but they respected each others power, certainly Benito would have been interested in gaining more power.. In 1938, Germany occupied Austria in the Anschluss (forbidden by Versailles ). Hitler did not forewarn Mussolini about what he ( Full Answer )

What are the similarities and differences between Jospeh Stalin Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussilini?

They were all great, but terrible men. They killed millions of people, but were brilliant. Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest military minds of all time and an amazingly charismatic speaker. He was able to gain support from millions of people just by taking advantage of the fact that people were d ( Full Answer )

Who was Benito Mussolini?

He was the leader of the "Black Shirts" in Italy during the WW2, abombastic sort he became an ally of Hitler, he was later foundguilty of war crimes, so both he and his mistress were hanged upside down in the town square. He was a very animated speaker. He had a big ego and wanted toimpress others ( Full Answer )

What were the differences and similarities between Adolf Hitler and Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

My knowledge is limited but this is what i know so far,. -They both took control of newspapers and newsreels to advertise themselves.. -both cured a depression.. -promised "change" and "new ways to better the economy". -both were very motivational speakers. To be more specific:. -Jan. 30, 1933 ( Full Answer )

How did Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini promote nationalism?

Hitler mostly used propaganda to promote nationalism. He assigned Joseph Goebbels a s his propaganda guy. He then set up radios in all the streets so that everyone could listen to Hitler. They could also limit everything that everyone heard. Made the Jews look bad through nationalism also.

Who were Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini?

Adolf Hitler was a cruel, cruel man who killed over 12 million people during World War II. He was the reason for the holocaust, and the reason for WWII when the Nazi Party invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. Hitler was the dictator of Germany and helped Germany out of their low economy that was cau ( Full Answer )

In what years were Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini dictators?

Hitler became chancellor with dictatorial powers in 1933 and took absolute power in 1934. Mussolini became dictator in 1925 and was arrested in 1943, which ended his era of dictator of Italy. Although Mussolini was dictator of the Italian Social Republic from 1943 to 1945.

Who was the worst dictator out of Adolf Hitler Benito Mussolini and Joseph Stalin?

It's technically a matter of opinion. Adolf Hitler is probably mostly known for the holocaust and what he did to the Jews. Mussolini would do anything for power and killed, beat, and humiliated people just to get it. Stalin send out Billion of his people to war and most them did not last during the ( Full Answer )

What were the similarities between Hitler and Mussolini?

They were both dictators that were had no particular interest in the means of production within the country. That is they were Happy to let private industry operate the economy within limits set by them. however they maintained complete control over the direction of the country.

What were the differences between Hitler Mussolini and Tojo?

Hitler had been an enlisted man during WWI (and decorated with the IRON CROSS). WWII, for him, was also vengence against France and the allies for Germany's defeat in the first world war.. Mussolini was trying to revitalize the "Roman Empire" within Italy.. Tojo, through the Emperor, was trying to ( Full Answer )

How did Benito Mussolini influence Adolf Hitler?

The "influence" was not a direct influence. For Example; Mussolini didn't go talk to Hitler, telling him that he should create a dictatorship along side him. It was more of Hitler looking upon the work of Mussolini and imitating Mussolini and adding his own style in order to take over the German Gov ( Full Answer )

What were similarities of Hitler and Mussolini?

They were both dictators that hated communism and democracy, but that's where the similarities end. Mussolini loved women, wine and children and there is evidence that he wasn't racist. Hitler was a bitter, workaholic racist who wasn't interested in sex.

Who was Benito Mussolini and what did he do?

Mussolini was the leader and ideologist of the first fascist movement, and became the first fascist to take power when he became Prime Minister of Italy in 1922. He is also known for making Italy one of the Axis powers in World War II and for launching an unsuccessful attempt to colonize Ethiopia.

What was the relationship between Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini?

Hitler appreciated Mussollini's style of leadership. He ruled his people by making sure they feared him - something you would recognize in Hitler's actions. Mussolini used World War 1 veterans as those who he trusted for guidance (not the word I want) - which were called the "Black Shirts". Hitler's ( Full Answer )

What are the differences and similarities between Vladimir Lenin and Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler V.S Vladimir Lenin Creation of a party within a government: National Socialist Party 1919 The Social Democratic Party Using Economics to gain support: New Economic Policy 1921 Employment Miracle: 1939 Revolutions: Munich Beer Hall Putsch (1923) 1917 Revolutions (Apr ( Full Answer )

Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini?

Adolf Hitler- the German dictator during World War 2 who promised to break the Treaty of Versailles and restore Germany's pride. Benito Mussolini- Italian dictator during World War 2 that rose to power because he promised to revive the economy during the Great Depression. He also promised to revive ( Full Answer )

What similarity do Hitler Mussolini and hirohito shares?

Although it would seem that these three men shared a lot in common that is not really the case; their countries and not them shared much in common. Either way, they were part of facist regimes, although Hirohito's power much more limited than Hitler's or Mussolini's. All three wanted to pursue an ex ( Full Answer )

Benito Mussolini was not?

Il Duce, ( the leader, guide, chief) was NOT a Nazi. He was the founder of the Facisti ( Fascists) He was a Fascist, but NOt a Nazi, but was allied with Adolf.

What did Benito Mussolini do after he joined the Axis powers with Hitler?

Answer . Mussolini signed the pact with Hitler on 22 May, 1939. He had gotten a promise from Hitler that Germany would not start a war for 3 years and give Italy time to build up their arms. Italy ordered 6 battleships and additional munitions factories. \n. \nOn 1 September 1939, Germany inva ( Full Answer )

Was Benito Mussolini or Adolf Hitler or tojo known as the leader?

in different parts they where considered differently but i think Hitler was the one who came up with taking over the world of redeamning Germany (treaty of Versailles). Hitler was Germany Tojo was japan mussolnin was Italy and Stalin was soviet union

What are 10 similarities between Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte?

1. They have the same Chinese zodiac (The Ox) 2. They're both great political / military leaders 3. They were both short. 4. Both wanted to conquer Europe. 5. Both had Great Britain as an enemy. 6. Both invaded Russia and failed. 7. Both were hated by their former subjects. 8. Both fail ( Full Answer )

What was the name of the alliance between Mussolini and Hitler?

The alliance between Hitler, Mussolini, and Kurusu - Japan's foreign ambassador - was formed on September 27, 1940. It came to be known as the Tripartite (German; Literally; "Three Party") Pact. Other names included were: Tripartite Alliance Axis Pact Three-Way Pact

What alliances existed between Adolf Hitler and Mussolini?

They had a friendly relationship because their leadership styles were similar - terrorize their subjects until they fear you. Italy, Japan, and Germany also had a 3-way Pact (known officially as the Tripartite Pact). They formulated it in 1940.

Was there a relationship between Stalin Hitler and Mussolini?

Not between all three. There was little connection between Mussolini and Stalin, as there was little they could give each other. Hitler admired Mussolini greatly, taking his idea of fascism and putting a spin on it to create Nazi Germany. Stalin and Hitler had agreed on the Molotov Ribbentrop Pact, ( Full Answer )

Did Adolf Hitler and Benito support communism?

No. In fact they strongly opposed it. The Nazis were very anti-communist and so were the fascists in Italy. Hitler even accused the communists of being Jews.

Why did Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini provide aid to the Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War?

There were three main reasons: 1) They agreed politically with the Fascists (nationalists) and sought to make Spain their ally in Europe. 2) They wanted to test their latest advancements in military technology. 3) They wanted to test this equipment along with the strategies they had developed, to s ( Full Answer )

What ar the similarities between Kim Jong Il and Adolf Hitler?

Both evil dictators who had lots of people imprisoned, enslaved, tortured and killed. Hundreds of thousands in Kim Jong Il's case, millions in Hitler's case. However, the difference is that Hitler was a Nazi whereas Kim Jong Il was a Communist like Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.

How did Hitler feel about Benito Mussolini?

He greatly admired Mussolini and occasionally tried to copy thingsthat Mussolini had previously done- notably, Hitler's "Beer HallPutsch" was his attempt to copy Mussolini's "March on Rome".Hitler's admiration continued even when he became dictator ofGermany, although Mussolini did not return the lo ( Full Answer )