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Q: What are the similarities of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary thematic units?
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Is themaic teaching integrated teaching?

I believe you mean 'thematic' teaching. If you are teaching using thematic units there is a good chance you are integrating subjects. Thematic Units or themes are great to use because they are cross-curricular and show the students connections between the disciplines.

Is not an effective ways to enhance the vocabulary of your children?

Thematic science units are an excellent way tonincrease childrens vocabulary

What are the similarities of the metric and customary measurements?

Some similarities of the metric and customary systems

What has the author Barbara Geldersma written?

Barbara Geldersma has written: '12 totally terrific theme units' -- subject(s): Correlation with content subjects, Interdisciplinary approach in education, Language arts

How are a square units and cubic units alike?

The only two similarities are that theyare composite units based on lengths,confuse a lot of pupils at a very elementary level who want to know how to convert one to the other. It is not possible because the dimensions are different.

What is similarities between apparent brightness and absolute brightness?

Both relate to brightness; both are measured in the same units; both are used for astronomical objects such as stars or galaxies.

How is converting from cups to pints similar to converting from ounces to pounds?

The similarity of these two conversions alone is that -- both of these convert from a smaller unit to a larger unit, so the original number becomes a smaller number, and -- both of these are involved with US customary units of measure. They also have similarities to each other that are the same as their similarities to conversions of all kinds of units of measure, in any system of units ... into which I don't think I'll go just now.

What the similarities of Metric System from English System?

They are both systems of measurement in which there are sets of 7 units for measuring physical attributes of objects and derived units for measuring other attributes. For example, Basic units for mass: Kilogram (metric) or Pound (Imperial) Derived units for area: Square Metre (metric) or square inch (Imperial) Derived unit for pressure: kg / sq metre = Pascal (metric) or pounds / square inch = psi (Imperial).

What are the similarities of the standard and metric measurements?

Please note that the metric system is the world-wide standard. If by "standard" you mean the Imperial system (the system commonly used in the USA), the similarities are that the systems are designed to measure, and that they both have units to measure the same type of thing, for example length/distance, area, volume, temperature, etc.

Similarities between north and south during civil war?

The similarities between north and the civil war are...... Both sides were American. Both sides spoke English. Both sides raised regional units. Both sides had the same weapons. Both sides had poor medical care. Both sides wanted to expand

What are similarities of heat and work?

They are both examples of energy, they have the same units and the same physical dimensions, and it's fairly easy to convert either one into the other ... of course losing a little bit each time you do that.

Production for five people was as follows 8 units 11 units 6 units 12 units 8 units. What was their average production in units?

Production for five people was as follows: 8 units, 11 units, 6 units, 12 units, 8 units. What was their average production in units?